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Flight Simulator was all I needed. Honestly. Absolutely cannot wait for that game but it'll probably release on XB1 and Scarlett as a launch title so I'll probably wait to get it until then.

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Skeeuk said:
CGI-Quality said:

Consoles generally can outperform low-end (and even some) midrange PCs. High-end and Enthusiast grade, on the other hand, will remain out of their reach.

it depends on what the ballpark is for enthusiast grade PC. the more expensive the pc doesnt give better visuals as such its like diminished returns

eg 4k tv playing watchdogs 2 if you have a vega 64 etc and another pc x2 2080ti sli the extra 6-700£ wont give it jumps from high to ultra ultra ultra if you know what i mean.

what im excited about is the new consoles will finally be able to push those visuals 60fps if they can release a £449 box that does 4k 60fps with extremly good settings what would be the point in buying a £500 gpu what more can it get you?

PC is one of the largest gaming segments.
The thing that the PC allows though that a console doesn't is that you get to choose your settings.

For example... With the Xbox One X most games employ a dynamic resolution in order to keep framerates up with the highest possible resolution with reduced visual settings. (Textures, Shadowing, Lighting, Tessellation and so on!)
On the PC you can take a Radeon RX 580 which is the Xbox One X equivalent, dial up the visuals and just sit at 1440P for an overall better presentation than what the Xbox One X variant is putting out.

Same will occur next gen as well.

I am excited for next-gen, but my current PC is still more capable than the next-gen consoles and it will be several years old by the time next-gen hardware launches... I will still buy Scarlett of course, because there are some games I just prefer to play on console regardless of the superiority of my PC for one reason or another.

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V-r0cK said:

Yes but sales can tell you not many really cares if it plays better on X or PC.  Majority of multiplat games usually sell more on Playstation (for now on this gen, not sure how next gen will play out).

As a gamer, sales dont improve my experience unless its a multiplayer game. Sometimes to play at a premium level you are not going to be a common denominator.

twintail said:

I mean that the e3 showing for Gears 5 was junk, not the entire MS conference, which I thought was fine. Not amazing but decent enough. But I can understand why you may have thought I meant the conference as a whole.

If the game lineup looks as good as always then that is fine, but that is still as it has been and not greater than usual, right?

Halo trailer was fine but it didnt wow me as much as i had expected. Its the 2nd showing for the game, and 1st for Scarlett. I cant ascertain much to compare it to previous 313 efforts.

The Scarlett info was mishandled i feel. Just bullet pointing what Sony had already said just makes it look like follow the leader. Their video to go wit hit wasn't exciting either. I'm sure Scarlett will be a good console though.

Anyways, my point is that i need to see MS showing off a greater output of games (and quality, but that is subjective) beyond what they normally do, til I agree that scarlett is going to easily outsell x1 because of 1st party.

Thats my misunderstanding. I can somewhat agree that Gears wasnt what i throught, i wanted to see some campaign gameplay but all they showed was multiplayer modes and i throught the T2 skin was a awesome.

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Azzanation said:

Thats my misunderstanding. I can somewhat agree that Gears wasnt what i throught, i wanted to see some campaign gameplay but all they showed was multiplayer modes and i through the T2 skin was a awesome.


The T2 skin was pretty rad even though a strange ending to the gears section

haxxiy said:
Lafiel said:
Great show from MS, tons of interesting games, but too many CG only trailers. Scarlett with 4 times X1X power? Surely they don't mean 24TF with that, right? No way they could offer a mad build like that sub $1k.

It's 100% CPU.

Also, it seems to have twelve memory modules surrounding a ~300 mm2 chip (assuming it's three on each side), so I'm thinking 24 GB GDDR6 RAM and performance more or less in line with the Vega 64 / RTX 2060 GPUs.

This is not my area but looking at the video several times I think there's only 8 ggdr6 chips, 3 to the west, 3 to the south, 0 at north and 2 to the east. The north side is very blurry but I don't think there's any modules there and south-east corner they don't show so I might be off. And if you zoom in at the code names you can see 14 Gbps speed on those modules from Samsung mixed with both 1GB and 2GB Vram.

So I think we are looking at 256-bit bus with 448 GB/s memory bandwidth and between 12-14GB Gddr6 Vram (Video ram).

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What ever the case may be, you can expect to reach this level of quality with both next gen machines (this is next gen ready tech and will not require uber PCs like some of us have here). Nope, not simply some fancy tech demo, either. It is game ready, and if you've been paying attention to the 8th generation, this is simply a natural progression. You know where to find me if by the end of the next cycle, you don't see even one game reach the level of animated/visual quality in realtime. That's how much faith I have in it, because I have a pretty good idea of what's coming... ;)


This one's weird for me. I loved it at the time; a day later, I felt disappointed; now that I've double checked what was in it, I feel it was a solid presentation.

• Great trailers for Ori, Tales of Arise (news to me), Legend of Wright, Elden Ring (screw leaks).
• Bleeding Edge is multiplayer only. MS needs more single-player games, dangit!

• "4 times the power" of Xbox One X for Scarlett sounds great.

• Keanu was adorable.

• Good showing for Battletoads. It needs more animation frames, though.
• Gears 5 had tacky musical choices for its trailers...at least they spared no expense on the underground demo "hive". And the Terminator wielding a chainsaw bayonet was hilarious.
• The Lego Forza crossover was fantastic.
• The Halo trailer got to me, but I'm a bit worried the game is just nostalgia bait. I was hoping for gameplay, but they're saving it for next E3.

8/10 for me. Last year's was better.

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