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I'm a couple days late, but I'm glad to see this in action!

Great work, as usual

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TalonMan said:
Mospeada21CA said:

Get this man a shield.  ~ T'Challa/Black Panther/Chadwick Boseman

edit: LOL!!  ROFLMAO!!  The shortcut jump is hella funny!!  I'm dying here.

Dare I ask what's funny??? I'm always in for a joke, but between Rol's post and this, I'm wondering if something is being abused and requires additional controls...  :(

On a different note - shout out to @DreadPirateRoberts !!!! Just realized this would be perfect for the Switch 3rd Party thread... :)

Actually yeah, it would.  I generally don't read the thread until I'm ready to update the db so as to avoid getting lost on where I was.  This will be helpful!

Could it be possible if the shortcuts would notify users when a new one was added, by highlighting the button with a different colour for example?

EDIT1: I know I am not going to be checking that shortcuts button all the time, so having the website tell me when something new has been added would be a nice improvement.

EDIT2: ARGHHH post edit history!!! NoooooOOOOoo!
EDIT3: FYI the edit history time stamps are incorrect

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