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Zones said:

When Reggie embarrassed this poor poor guy on stage...



Hey that was actually pretty funny! 

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Sony really needs to go back to their 2016 presentation style.

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Hiku said:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake


I watch that a couple times every year.  That video sums up what an incredible conference that was.  It's also why I hope we never switch entirely to some kind of prerecorded video presentation.  

I'll also never forget Ubisoft's 2016 trainwreck.  It was so bad that I enjoyed watching it.

Still, nothing beats Microsoft 2011.  I laughed so much.  It was an incredible display of comedic timing and creativity.  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

I'm gonna miss him this year...

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I can't even with Kevin Butler.......Short on time ATM but holy flurking shnit......When that character actually appeared on stage at E3 at the height of his popularity and pretty much killed it .... It was quite stale by the time he was pushing Resistance 3 with PS Move though, And he was caught in bed with the Wii, and fired like a Yakuza actor who sniffed cocaine... but for that one E3 he was king.....Second place is the pacing of Sony's E3 2018 conference, which destroyed the brand forever. Third pace is the BOOMING, truth telling VO from the 2017 Xbox E3 that kept saying "Exclusive" every time a multiplat game made it's way onto the Xbox reel. Which was basically the entire show. Outstanding.

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I'm going to go with Wii Music, Kinect, and giant crabs.

Going with the first Digital Event for Nintendo in 2014, the Robot Chicken inspired sketches were hilarious and you got Iwata and Reggie kicking ass for the presentation of Smash Bros and of course ... the first teaser for Zelda Breath of the Wild !!

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Sony's E3 2016, with God of War and live music.

Absolutely incredible.

I can't take that e3 for granted. It was just an spectacular show. I'll never forget that. Seeing a bit of it again on God of War doc this week brings me sort of tears.

Sony's e3 2015 was also incredible.

Thank you Playstation.

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