GoT season 8 final episode 6 tonight. (spoiler discussion) Fin. The end... for ever. D&D can burn in the seven hells.

Forums - General Discussion - GoT season 8 final episode 6 tonight. (spoiler discussion) Fin. The end... for ever. D&D can burn in the seven hells.


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Just remembered how badly this ended, seriously, the last 2 episodes I was laughing at how bad it was going, I even read the spoilers for the last one since I didn't care and just wanted to confirm it was going to end so bad

I feel like any interview I see from the writers they seem so dumb

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bananaking21 said:
John2290 said:
Right, it's time to find a new fantasy series of books until George gets his ass in gear and the wheel of time aint doing it for me. It's too early to read GoT again, got to a few chapters i to A clash of kings and it 's still making mr angry because half the shit I'm read eventually turns out to mean nothing or go anywhere and all thread that aee badly handled.

Anyone gots a series that has mature themes, doesn't need to be a saga but a trilogy of books would be ideal. Preferably old enough for a conclusion o fthe horizon but if new at least a soft cover release. Audible would do if it has a talented VA or multiple VA.

The mistborn series is amazing. It's a trilogy, but there is a second "era". But the main story is the trilogy. Highly recommend them. It's by Brandon sandersob

There is the witcher series of course. 

There is " the riyria revelations" series. By Michael jay Sullivan. I'm in the first book, it's a series of 6 books, that's the main story. But there are prequels. But they republished the books and added the first and second together. 3rd and 4th together and 5th and 6th together. So it can be considered a "trilogy".  

There is also the emperors blade by Brian staveley. Good book IMO. It's also a trilogy and its finished. 

While it's more of a super hero/fantasy/sci fi series. There is "the reckoners" series by Brandon Sanderson. I read the first book. It's great fun. Though it is young adult so it doesnt deal much with adult themes as Mistborn series does

Then there is also the storm light archive by branden Sanderson (he Is amazing, and writes a lot) its not a finished saga yet. And it will take a long while to finish. The books are long as fuck. I actually found a print that has the first and second book separated into 2 parts each. So I got them. That way they are 4 regular sized books. However the reviews and word of mouth on the series is very good

There is also "king killer chronicles". By Patrick rothfuss. It's a very different style of fantasy. I read the first book, and have the second. The first one was very good. I would recommend it. But it's not your epic, massive GoT style fantasy. It's a more personal type story centred around one character. 

If you like scifi there is the expanse series by james Corey. It's really good. It's not done yet but the writer successfully released a book each year for the past 8. It's a 9 series saga. So it will finish soon. 

Then there is of course the dune saga. It's a classic and considered the father of sci-fi/fantasy books with amazing and deep world building. I really likes the first book. The second was a huge disappointment though IMO. But its Dune. It's a classic so I'd recommend at least the first 

Thank you. I might just settle for the Dune audiobook tonight and have a look for a vopy of mistborn the next time I'm perusing. Cheers. 


DonFerrari said:
Seems like some still have a pitch and a fork over the shitty end of the series =´p

As they should. 


Solid fanboy of Emilia Clarke here, she is so goddamn lovely!