Do you expect FFVIIR and FFXVI at E3?

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Absolutely not, maybe we'll see Final Fantasy VII-R at TGS or if Sony has a PSX this year, but Final Fantasy XVI? Nope, not I reckon we're AT LEAST a year off anything.

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*side glance*

Haha. I expect absolutely nothing from them ... ok maybe an announcement for Bravely Third or Octopath Traveler 2 (More likely next year though).

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At this point, I am really taking a wait and see approach. Just bought the Switch FFVII remaster, so I am good as I replay the game for 100th and something time lol. I am not too happy about the game being split into chapters. But I am not even expecting the first one this year, I expect Square to show a teaser of the first chapter with the PS5 unveil at that point FFVIIR would be the first game in history to have been teased in 3 different gens!

Suppose to get info on FFVIIR this year. E3 is the perfect place. XVI no.

Also Sony wont be at "E3" but they can still release a State of Play around there with 7R on it.

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This game will be reintroduced with one of the new console announcements. My bet is that it will be shown for Playstation 5 but I make this bet only because if Nextbox snatches that game even for the re-reveal or timed exclusive I am going to lose my shit at that plot twist after that Sony E3 Remake reveal.

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Nope lol SE Japan are hopeless.

Since Sony wont be at E3 im gonna go with a no.

i dont think we'll even see FF7R at all this year, all the rumors sounds like its been in dev hell since CC2 was fired

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I don't expect either.

Have there been any leaks lately? I haven't heard any. If not, that probably means neither game has anything ready to show. So, I'm gonna go with no.