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Hungary's in the EU though. That makes it practically impossible to sell things much of a lower price than other EU countries. If they were to lower the price just for Hungary due to lower wages then people from other EU countries would just import them tax free and also save money. So it's just not feasible to have prices that are much different across EU countries.

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Come to Brazil.
The PS4 launched here, as an import, for over USD 1800.
It's half that price now (it was BRL 4000 now it's around 1800/2000) and as we had a massive devaluation of our currency because since then we have been in a financial and political crisis the proportional price in dollars is also down a whole lot (it's now about USD 475/500), but as you can imagine a developing country in crisis has its people with almost none buying power out of their low income.
It's how it is, the less power to consume a person has in said country the more expensive products like this get, so we have even less chance of having how to buy it.
Brazil is an special case because of its taxes, tho, they are ridiculous, and if you try to avoid it buying from the outside it gets even more ridiculous as anything over USD 100 gets taxed around 80% of its price plus international shipping (yes the shipping is also taxed).
Next time you think it's expensive gaming there, remember how much damn worse it could be.
Not saying you can't complain, you can and you should, but it's not nearly as bad as it could be.

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Isn't that how prices in shops are versus online? I can tell a little story how I bought my PSP Street in 2012 - I went to one of my local electronics shop to check the PSP out, the price was 170 usd, after that I went home and ordered it in the same shop online for 130 usd LOL. Also while I was there I saw PS3 Slim for crazy price around 600 usd (in 2012 they were under 400 usd online).

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