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The most crucial part of clubbing is never missing the holy ritual of pre-drinks. Always have pre-drinks at your or your friend's house before heading off to the club. In that way you won't have to buy lots of drinks at the bar.

And ALWAYS go out with friends. Because, if you fail at picking up girls, at least you can have fun with friends.

Eat, bark, love.

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I go clubbing often. Happily pick up a guy most nights too.

My advice is:
* Pre-Drink to save money.
* Bring friends if you are socially awkward.
* Wear good clothes.
* Smell nice.
* Always watch your drink in-case it gets spiked.
* Always bring protection. (Condoms)
* Don't drive.
* Be confident and have fun.

World's most obnoxious music, overpriced drinks, can't hear anyone, so many people it takes 20 minutes just to walk around to meet someone. My advise is to not go. I hated it even when I was young.