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Do you have a favorite genre or are you more into exclusives?

Exclusives 14 41.18%
I have one 10 29.41%
Exclusive/Portability FTW 10 29.41%

I really haven't touched it since Mario Odyssey, I did buy Smash Ultimate however I think Zelda and Mario spoiled me early and the only big games I am hanging for is Metroid Prime 4 and Luigi's Mansion 3. I don't mind using it casually, its a great system with a great eco-system.

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My gameplay time is 35% PC, 25% Switch, 20% Emulators on my Note 9, 20% PS4. I only play games like 10 hours per week though. So that is about 3.5 hrs PC, 2.5 hrs, Switch, 2 hrs Emulators, 2 hrs PS4 per week. Have two jobs and way too busy.

I game on my PS4, Switch, and PC. Between them, all my gaming time is spread, and quite honestly there is not much to go around. So in that sense, I barely play my Switch because I barely play, period. I hope this overwhelming period will be over soon, as even though I don't play these systems I buy at least 5 games/month :(

I have not played my switch, ps4 or pc enough. I will try to change my habits and play them more. Switch played today and ps4 is next on the line. My pc is so outdated, that it might have wait a bit until I know what to play with it.