Have You already Made Your Decision on What Next-Gen System(s) You'll Buy?

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Yes, I´ve always had a Playstation and a Nintendo system, combined they´ve always covered most games and genres I´m interested in, so PS5 for me and the Switch which I already own.

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Switch already has good games coming out faster than I can play them. If I ever get a PS5 or Scarlett, it will be quite a few years from now.

I guess so. I will say this though: I bailed on Xbox largely due to a poor consumer experience with the XB360, which at the time, was the worst I'd gone through. What's happened to me with the Vita far outstrips that however, both in terms of severity and scale. I've lost so much time, money, and sanity dealing with it, that were I not so heavily invested in the PS ecosystem, I'd abandon the whole f***ing thing, home consoles included, without hesitation, and never look back. But YAY to the utter worthlessness of digital purchases. I have thought about selling my account, but haven't looked into it too seriously. PS4 has been a rock however. No issues at all. But that Vita.....from most loved ever to most hated ever. Quite the turnaround. F*** that thing. I loath it. Good thing I have 3 of them, hundreds of games, and 8 ultra expensive memory cards. *Cough* So, PS5,due to ecosystem entrapment, and the overall quality experience of the Sony home consoles. Although PS1 was pretty sketchy for me too.

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PS5 is a must as soon as a game I want to play is on it. I know it will get many more anyway.

Ill probably wait a while on the next Xbox. The XB1 really disappointed me.

Planning on getting all three (already have the one: Switch).


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It's always been about the controller for me. PS1 was a shit controller and Sony has kept the original design in all of their controller. Will they finally introduce staggered thumbstick for PS5?

I'll be getting next-gen Xbox day 1. I'll wait for a price drop on hardware & games for PS5, Sony has always and will remain a Sony exclusive hardware for me.

Anyone jumping over to Xbox get instant access to an ecosystem of over 100 games with gamepass. It's time fore Sony to come out with something similar to gamepass.

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I've always been with a good notebook/PS/Nintendo system. That's the perfect combo for me. I don't usually have interest on MS exclusives, and if I for some reason do, I'll just play them on my computer

Why be decided about something that isn't released or even shown?



I'm just gonna buy it all again next gen. I don't use my xbox one often but I definitely at least got my moneys worth out of it

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Satisfied with the Switch and PC for now. Other consoles nowadays don't feel as entertaining with their mandatory installs and settings and online shenaningans.