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I think the best is...

NES 7 7.45%
Super NES 22 23.40%
Nintendo 64 8 8.51%
Gamecube 19 20.21%
Wii 12 12.77%
Switch 26 27.66%

Super Nintendo was perfect.


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Super Nintendo, Switch, and Gameboy/Gameboy Advance are all the best names.

PwerlvlAmy said:
I'd go with Gamecube. It plays games and its cubed shaped. Cute little bastard.

Yeah GameCube was pretty awesome..

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I always thought Super Nintendo was a great name.
I think the word 'Super' was pretty impactful in the 90s. You'd see it a lot. Especially for things aimed at children/teens.

I'd pick Nintendo DS

Simple, easy to abbreviate and sounds cool to people that don't know what 'DS' stands for :p

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I like Switch the best. I was actually shocked to see the Wii name winning, but it was definitely a great name for marketing.

If the list was widened, I think DS takes it.

While one of my very favourite consoles, I think the worst name is probably Super Nintendo, especially when people province it “Sness” - Sounds like some kind of nomadic Finnic ethnogroup that shapes their culture around running after deer =D

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Why is "Wii U" not on that list?




My faves are Switch and Wii.

TheWPCTraveler said:
Why is "Wii U" not on that list?

Because it's terrible and people would only vote for it to joke/troll.

Probably Switch.

I hated the name Super Nintendo at the time and thought it was lame, especially after they'd tried so hard to be cool with the NES. "Now you're playing with SUPER Power," was not cool. Hated the design, too.

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