Final Fantasy XV is the fastest selling FF game ever

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Keybladewielder said:
DonFerrari said:

2019 or 2020 (seems like last DLC will be in the beginning of 2019)

Well, I can wait

Me too, I have platinated it already =p

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all the work paid off,good to see

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DonFerrari said:
V-r0cK said:
That's awesome to hear! One of the best FF i played in a long time. Probably in my top 3-4 FF games. I had so much fun I had to platinum it. Im waiting for a more complete version to play all of the DLC now.

Yep one of the first game I'm waiting to buy gold version (perhaps give the original to my brother) and other is RE7 since I played without buying and now want to buy Gold

That's nice to give your original to your brother.

And I recently just bought the Gold version of RE7 too! It was on sale for $39.  I couldn't wait any longer because everywhere I shopped, whether it was local or online, I didnt see a lot of RE7 Gold edition in stock so I feel like finding a copy wont be as common in the long run, but thats just me.

Stopped playing about 10 hours in. Will probably restarts and play it to finish with 2 years.

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