Is Nintendo focusing too much on DLC?

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I can't complain about the DLC so far. I mean, Mario Kart, Arms, Splatoon, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Odyssey, and Mario Tennis are only seeing free value-added releases. By all means, give me an incentive to pop the game back in.

For the paid stuff, we're generally getting quality. Octo Expansion is worth it. Torna ~ The Golden Country is legit the game I'm looking forward to most for the rest of the year. The DK DLC for Rabbids looks fun, though I didn't like the original game enough to splurge for it. And there's the Breath of the Wild DLC which is probably the closest we have to "meh".

Now, eventually they're going to go down roads I don't like, like asking to pay for individual characters and the like (though I'd be willing to buy a season pass for games like Smash or Mario Kart). But as of right now, there isn't any DLC for Nintendo that's left a sour taste in my mouth.

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I'd say no because it doesn't have to be an either/or situation. Nintendo's a big company and they can keep steady releases while supporting prior ones. I think so, anyways.

They're also usually pretty good when it comes to providing bang-for-your-buck, like the examples of free DLC that others have mentioned. That can maximize both sales potential and player enjoyment of individual titles. If they stick to that idea I don't think there's a problem.