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Sony Preparing New Motion Controller For PS3?

N'Gai Croal and Geoff Keighley are in town, so it's time for a Five (!) Minute Warning, impressions from Nintendo's press event, a Fallout 3 appreciation festival, and Microsoft's rumoured motion controller and, also, Shane Bettenhausen announcing Sony's own rumoured controller that will have "transforming multiple configurations" that Call of Duty 5 and the highly anticipated Resistance 2 will have implementation for.

Listen from 1 hour and 40minutes in the podcast

 podcast :


(release for Xmas suggested)

Also, who is this guy "Shane Bettenhausen", can we believe him ?


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So a Sony Rendition of the Wii mote is on the way? Seriously, didn't Sony learn their lesson with the SixAxis?

(BTW, I don't believe they would be stupid enough to do this.) 




Guitar Hero 3/ Smash Hits

Doesn't that already exist?

"A motion controller for the PS3 ?"

SIXAXIS says hi.

But if this is true...way to be original, Sony and MS.

Sixaxis is broken
Nobody use it because no game use it correctly.

I m not even sure all the PS3 users know the capcity of the controller since a lot of games dont use it.

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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Please don't be true.

I'm with Tombi on this one. C'mon Sony, I love ya like you are, don't try and be someone else.


The technology is apearently totally different from Wiimote , The guy says sony has patented it one year ago.

More importantly,,,they say R2 and COD5 is gonna implement it on top of DS3 controller.(I doubt it myself )

according to the guy:

"it is transforming controller that has multiple configurations"

I honestly don't know what that means,,,can anyone care to elaborate this?

so what do you guys think ?




Well, if this is true, then Sony has clearly gotten past the denial and anger phases, and is moving steadily onto pleading. Unfortunately for them, their user base at large isn't interested in the Wii Remote or its ilk, and it will be some years yet before the Wii's downmarket user base will be interested in upmarket games (if they ever are).

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If it's going to be another wii copycat than sign me out.