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Greatest Console Brand EVER !!

XBox is the Greatest. 9 5.42%
I say Nintendo is the best ever. 74 44.58%
Playstation has to be the best. 70 42.17%
Sega takes the top spot. 5 3.01%
Other. 8 4.82%

No no no no no no

Nothing ever will top the classic Ouya. Nothing.

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The biggest gaming brand right now is PlayStation.

The greatest is entirely subjective.

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The question is unclear. Do you mean best in terms of quality, profitability, sales, value, recognition, contributions or personal preferences? If we talking purely about most recognised brands, you must be out of your mind if don't think Nintendo. 35 years on the console market, over 700 million systems sold, over 4.5 BILLION games sold and still going strong. Even my grandmother knows who's Mario and what's gameboy and tetris.

Between Nintendo and Playstation, it's hard to make a choice !

10 or 20 years ago I would have said Nintendo, but now I would probably say Playstation.

Xbox is the greatest console brand for me, it's not Even a contest.

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This is basically a poll showing us the «allegiances» of the VGchartz community.

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Nintendo hands down, no contest. They have far more IPs than Sony and MS, more gaming icons, quality games for the most part, and more exclusive titles that you cannot play anywhere else.

There have been times when one could say they have "Dropped the ball", but they have come back from certain death on more than one occassion. Also worth noting...

NES won its gen
SNES won its gen
Playstation won its gen
PS2 won its gen
Wii won its gen (like it or not, it happened)

and now the Switch and PS4 are selling gangbusters. Due to obvious differences, I will give both Sony and Ninty a point here.

Nintendo wins 4 to 3 in terms of previous gen victories. Sony runs a close second, but mainly due to 3rd parties on top of their own exclusives (which are no where near as plentiful as Nintendo's exclusives) where as Nintendo mainly thrives off of their own IPs and ideas.

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Playstation 1,2,3 and 4 if they are against Nintendo and SuperNintendo. If the op means something else then Sony and Nintendo together above everything else.