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Greatest Console Brand EVER !!

XBox is the Greatest. 9 5.42%
I say Nintendo is the best ever. 74 44.58%
Playstation has to be the best. 70 42.17%
Sega takes the top spot. 5 3.01%
Other. 8 4.82%
John2290 said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:
Nintendo by far, Playstation just expanded on what Nintendo helped pioneer.

Well by the logic you should choose Atari...or Arcade machine companies...or IBM... Nothing is ever truly new or unique and the best stuff always comes from those who take something already done and improve it. In this case, playstation have perfected the console space whole nintendo trips and stumbles every second console with no clear goal as the what audience they want or how to retain that userbase across generations.

Sales don't always equal greatness IMO, Nintendo innovates, whether they're always commercial smashes is a different topic... 

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Company? Nintendo for sure, no contest.

Console brand? Either Game Boy, DS or Playstation.

PlayStation made gaming what it is today. Console gaming would still be a kid’s toy were it not for them. And the sales show that too. All their consoles sold great. And people tend to forget that Nintendo is inexistent in a lot of countries, not big markets but they are many countries that do not know Nintendo.

Ka-pi96 said:
BraLoD said:

You have a Microsoft phone? Eww...

You mean you don't have a Microsoft phone? EWWWWW!

Why would I use a MS phone?

Android all the way.

Even Apple is a better choice. Apple.

Would Nintendo be winning this poll two years ago?

As a company, I like Nintendo more than Sony. As a gamer, I probably play both equally, at least in recent years, so it's not an easy choice to make. It is painful for me to see grown-ass adult gamers on here (you know who you are) that stick to one console brand because to them, their loyalty towards the company that doesn't care about them is more important than playing great games.

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Consistent and they do well with the say "Dont fix what isnt broken".


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Xbox for me. I think its one of the more innovative brands and the most exciting. It's what got me into gaming.

tinfamous12 said:
Xbox for me. I think its one of the more innovative brands and the most exciting. It's what got me into gaming.

XBox has done allot of good things for the industry. Their online gaming push was a huge plus.

One month later, Nintendo still wins the poll. As expected.