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Manlytears said:
BraLoD said:
You proved your worthy, thou shall remake LoD now

That would be a thing but... LoD is too big, big like chrono cross and ffvii, remaking this game is a herculean work.

Indeed, remaking a massive JRPG is a massive task, specially since they would have to built the whole Endiness from the scratch if they want to make it open world, as the world map scale is indeed a map scale instead of a built world to travel as a character.

If they keep it as it was and remodel the places and models it would be doable even as still damn time consuming, though, they would probably want to expand the places, like Square plans with Midgar.

Way easier projects to attempt instead, though, sadly.

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ZODIARKrebirth said:
BraLoD said:

Would be a massive project, but they could show Square Enix how its done.

yeah, and like they mentioned...


Want to be part of creating something special, a game millions of gamers are eagerly anticipating?

LoD didn't sell over 2M (until digitally available on PSN much later, at least) so it technically doesn't have a millions of gamers base to eagerly anticipate it xP

Maybe they'll want to remake God of War 1 and 2? SotC already had a remaster like them as well.

JRPGfan said:
BraLoD said:
You proved your worthy, thou shall remake LoD now

High Praise... you trust them enough to let them remake a LoD? :)

Honestly I think Id trust them with more or less anygame.
They dont try to improve on stuff, and vastly change things, they re loyal to the originals.

Such a simple thing, yet apparently others cant seem to grasp this (esp in the movie bussiness, when they turn books into movies).


BraLoD said:

Would be a massive project, but they could show Square Enix how its done.

That makes me want it to be LoD.

The respect they showed to SotC and the qualities of their works, not only this one, is great, so yes, I would give them the chance.

They even already hide secrets they were radio silent about on SotC that looks like LoD stardusts, sadly apparently there are 79 of them on SotC, because if there were 50 I would be flipping my tables as they would be hinting me they are working on LoD, lol, they teased me xD

John2290 said:
JRPGfan said:

Legend of the Dragoon.

Is it a final fantasy spin off or is legacy of Kain and LoD in anyway related to FF?

Final Fantasy is a LoD spin off.

LoD and FF have nothing to do with each other or LoK, the three are completely separated things, and LoK is an action/adventure game, not an RPG, though the very first game, Blood Omen, developedd by another studio than the other LoK was kinda like Diablo.


FF is developed by Square/Square Enix.

LoK was developed by Crystal Dynamics.

LoD was a single game developed by Sony.


Crystal Dynamics became part of Eidos that became part of Square Enix much later after the series died, but none of it have anything to do with FF since that as well.

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JRPGfan said:
Knitemare said:
Can anyone enlight me here, what is LoD, you know, searching in the internet doesnt help :/
Im sure when any of you respond, I will feel like an ass for not knowing/recalling this contraction.

Legend of the Dragoon.

Very appreciated, kind mr. But at the end, I dont even know the game :( Will look for it as of right now.


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think-man said:
Could they be the ones working on the Midievil game?

That is being handled by Sony XDev as far as we know.

spemanig said:
Azuren said:

Demon's Souls would benefit greatly from a revised combat system and multiplayer system.

I STRONGLY disagree there. It's fine the way it is. I don't believe in needlessly tampering with games who's mechanics tell a history like that. Even if you don't like the combat, people should be able to experience where it all started - warts and all. Boost the frame rate and resolution, sure, but leave everything else along. It started a movement for a reason.

I'm not talking about an extreme revision. I'm talking about including things like power stance and fast climb on ladders.


And if they don't revise the multiplayer, it'll be a train wreck.

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Probably Medievil

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Dark Cloud 2?

Bloody Roar?


Viewtiful Joe?