Do you keep your old gaming consoles?

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Do you keep your old gaming consoles?

Yes 56 72.73%
No 5 6.49%
Some 16 20.78%

The only thing I don't have is my Atari 2600. I left that at my dads house: only to be seen again as a center piece (along with other retro systems) on a table when my little brother graduated.

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I still have everything back to my atari 2600 all in perfectly playable condition and along with a huge library of games for each system through the years. to my left is 5 stacks of GC games as tall as a person and in my sitting room are boxes of alphabetised X360 games.

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Yes, i keep my old gaming consoles, but not all i'm gonna play them consoles except for Dreamcast & Saturn, these are the only two consoles i play them.

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the2real4mafol said:

Also should I keep or sell the Sega Saturn?

Play it for a while until you get tired of it, then sell it.  

What am I keeping it for?

I get rid of them..... truth be told not just consoles. I get rid of anything that i do not use for up to a month.

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I sell all of my old systems and nearly all games. I see no reason to keep them, once they get to a point where I know I won't play them again.

For many years, maybe 2000 through 2014, I spent next to nothing gaming, though I played fairly regularly. I never bought games anywhere near launch, so I was generally spending less than $20 per game. Then, as soon as I was done with a game, I resold it. The only exceptions were Halo games, which I usually bought at launch. I estimate that my net gaming expenses were about $100 per year, excluding an occasional console purchase.

In 2014, with the release of Mario Kart 8, and the replayability of that game, I broke my "rule". I purchased it at launch, and never resold it (I still play it occasionally). Then I purchased Destiny at launch, and never resold it. So, I threw out my rule book. I still sell most games when I'm done with them. But, since I buy more games at or near launch, I lose a lot more money on them. I'm probably spending $300 to $400 net annually on games these days.

Yes. I still have my PS3, Wii, and PSP. My Family computer (NES) and PS1 is stored somewhere at my mother's house.

You should sell the Saturn... to me >:)

In all seriousness, I used to sell my old consoles, but after having repurchased most of them, I'm never doing so again. The nostalgia alone would be almost enough, but most systems have huge libraries of games I've never played.

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Yeah, I keep them all. You never know when you'll get that urge to play old games, which is why I keep them around. I remember selling most of my N64 games to get a PS2, and I still regret it to this day. Since then, I don't sell my games any longer... unless I absolutely don't care about a game. The only console I got rid of was the GC, since there was no need for it after getting a Wii.



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I don't. I regret not having them around; since there's no other way of playing GT3.