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How much do you like SotC?

5/5 Best game ever 20 43.48%
4/5 Top 100 games of all time 19 41.30%
3/5 Really good game 1 2.17%
2/5 Quite average 4 8.70%
1/5 A bit annoying 1 2.17%
0/5 Total failure 1 2.17%
okr said:
I have a feeling this game has one of the lowest bought vs. actually played ratios ever.

If your "feeling" is correct, that would make the game even more highly regarded. Because the bought/praised ratio is unrivalled as is.

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Shadow of the Colossus is not about having fun, but about experiencing awe and wonder. The scale, majesty, and beauty of the world and the creatures that roam it are presented with no compromises to it being a 'videogame.' This is obviously not for everyone, and nor should it be. If it isn't for you then there's nothing wrong with that.

It's or was at the time of release one of the most immersive games ever made. The empty environment, although void of other characters and animals, there was great detail to the environments and you felt alone there , and kind of real. The journey getting to the next challenge of colossi felt amazing. The colossus them selves, don't think there was a game before it that had this epic sense of scale and immersion to it. Some were literally breathtaking. Some of them gave a sense of surrealism and awe, stunning. I don't think there's been many games since that have invoked the same feelings of emotion, to that level of scale. Looking forward to playing the remake.

I beg to differ about shouldnt be for everyone. If someone is going to label themselves a shooter only gamer or only into certain genres, they they are missing out on life and is a shame they can't explore other levels of greatness and stay narrow minded like that.

I haven't played it since PS2 days, but I remember really loving it. The main thing that stands out is that the game has this great concept of you doing battle with the giant Colossi. No game had "boss" battles like that before, but since then I have seen these giant bosses come up more often and implemented better (like in Dark Souls for instance).

The other thing I remember is that Shadow of Colossus is a very pretty game to look at, especially by PS2 standards. There might be other things I liked too, but those are the things that have stuck with me the most since it has been quite a few years since I've played it.

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I just beat the game for the first time and absolutely loved it. Beautiful, emotional, thrilling. I don't have a single complaint.

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mZuzek said:
StreaK said:

Holy freaking HELL does THIS guy "get it." Man, good for you for defending this piece of art  so brilliantly. This game SHOULD be reviewed based on what it set out to do not because it isn't like Resident Evil 4 or Okami LMFAO. Seriously??? How can you compare SotC to anything else when there is nothing like it. Period. Ok, maybe the game JOURNEY can be more closely compared. But come on.

How can you freaking possibly state the game is bad because you cannot enter villages or talk with fellow NPC's hahaha. Wow, it makes me laugh so hard at just the thought...a serious game such as this and a land so divine and forbidden, bit wait...a fellow pedestrian is out walking his dog and you approach him to ask, "hey I was just wondering if you would have any idea where I could find a REALLY tall and HUGE beast made of stone that wields a weapon???" I mean, this sounds absolutely ludicrous in the concept of this game, considering your character has a legendary weapon that highlights where to go, etc. This is just a quick example .

That is why reviews can be so dumb and misleading. SotC is an easy 10/10 because first of all it does its own thing and doesn't copy anything. Others will copy SotC. Also  it does everything it sets out to do so brilliantly. For me, there are hardly any flaws. Sure, the controls can be difficult for some but hey, I had a blast!

As much as your posts fascinate me, I think it's not too often we share an opinion. So, cheers!

But yeah it does seem that everyone who isn't a fan of the game or its concept sort of wants it to be something else. I never got this mentality of wanting things to be how you want them to be instead of accepting them for what they are. Obviously there's some games that just don't interest certain people, for example I'm not a big fan of tactical RPGs, but I'm not going sit here and start talking about how tactical RPGs should be like this or that because I understand that there is an audience for that type of game and I can just accept that and move on to other games that do appeal to my taste.

You know what? After re-reading my own post I have to say I myself am even fascinated by my post. I apologize, I really do get LIVELY when something is written that I feel I have to address ASAP. I get so attached to it on an emotional level as if I truly want someone to understand where I'm coming from through words. I think it's my PISCES that's in me.

And again, what you wrote makes perfect sense. I mean, if someone wants SotC to be something else well then...I guess you have Zelda games for that. Namely, BOTW which I feel took to SotC for inspiration on world design but in its heart is still Zelda. But yeah, SOtC is great because it's SotC. It wants to be different. It NEEDS to be different. And like Ueda himself stated, this level of "different" makes the game stand out amongst a sea of copy cats.

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I didn´t like it very much :/

Lets say each colossi is a level by itself. So, its a game divided in 16 levels, in where you enjoy the atmoshpere, the soundtrack, the landscapes, and the epicness of each battle, and in top of that, storywise, is a jewel.


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IMO...   Nothing, the original performed terribly and the performance was still better than the controls/camera/etc...  

Supposedly they fixed many of the issues but its a hard pass for me.