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Buying Labo?

Yes 506 21.07%
No 1,531 63.74%
Undecided 365 15.20%

The poll should be switch owners, will you buy......

I as a switch owner will not.

Mainly cause no time (hardly play anything now, still trig to finish Zelda slowly lol) and physical space to try and enjoy it.

If i had a kid who wanted it i guess i would make space in the living area for it.



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I'll buy it if I see it in a bargain bin ten years from now.

I mean, it looks interesting, but not something I'd ever see myself getting into, it's also rather expensive for what it is, and honestly, it's just another gimmick that will make people look silly while playing... unless they're children, who it's clearly designed for anyway, lol.

tl;dr No.

Interested in the robot kit but I'm undecided on the question

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Not sure its wise to drop $70 on cardboard.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
No. But you know what I WAS deciding to buy? A Monster Hunter PS4 Pro. Out of stock. Fuck this shit.

Now thats a sexy console.

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Sigh, yeah.

Sadly, it's not my thing nowadays. I'd lose my shit in my childhood though. I really liked this type of DIY cardboard stuff, I guess I'm just too lazy now xD.

Ultrashroomz said:
I'll buy it if I see it in a bargain bin ten years from now.

What if you saw it in a bargain bin next year?

ARamdomGamer said:
So far I'm interested in the robot kit, because robots.

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I'm considering the robot one because it looks like what became of Project Giant Robot. Otherwise my basic attitude is that I hope it succeeds because it's the sort of thing that I would have loved as a kid but it may not be for me.