Japan sales (Week 45): Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - November 06 - November 12, 2017

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ryuzaki57 said:
Occultic 9 did OK by the looks of it. Sellthrough is definitely correct.

WO3U sold 2300 units, awful sellthrough. The 2 others are even worse, I wonder what KT thinks of that...
But we definitely need more data to ascertain 3rd party chances on Switch. When is Doom releasing in Japan?

If Dengeki is to be believed, the three entries sold through ~6700 units.

However, if we use the approximate ratio between Famistu sales tracking and Dengeki sales tracking...the three entries combined sold more or less ~5k.

Yeah, it's...bad.



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People keep getting surprised by CoD sales, but its pretty much on par with top CoD games. CoD has sold well in Japan for years now, this isn't 2007.

NoCtiS_NoX said:
zorg1000 said:

Well no shit, they are extremely late ports that cost more than the previous versions and on a significantly smaller install base, nobody in their right mind expected them to perform like brand new games.

The publishers of those games said they are happy with their performance on Switch.

Not disagreeing with MHXX but with DQH. I haven't heard from SE that they are satisfied with the sales of DQH unless you can show me any PR or statement that tell us otherwise.

I dont think they singled out that game but i recall them saying they are happy with their sales in general on Switch.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Media Create reports no Xbox One Xs were sold for the 2017年11月13日~11月19日 week.