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It was the best site for gaming news, but I HATED how political threads (in the gaming forum) would get 10x the amount of activity/posts than threads about actual games. I understand that certain "political" events are important, but it should have been moved to a different section of the website. 


Jontron threads --> 4000 posts

Thread about discussing an actual game --> 300 posts


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Called it. Been sayin for a while how oversensitive the mods where. And having a fox for a head mod, rlly? The writing was on the wall. The ship was obviously sinking and for...

Oh!? It was neogaf?


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NeoGAF is like every other gaming (forum) site including this one. They have become general forums instead. Which leads to a toxic environment. Gaming forums should be about gaming period.

LurkerJ said:
RolStoppable said:

Yes, the reaction of many NeoGAF moderators doesn't constitute definitive proof, but it's a clear indicator that the accusation isn't slander.

The mods know more than we do because they received message from Evilore directly.

You're forgettingt that terms like "sexual assault" and "rape culture" include things that aren't sexual assault neither rape to MANY. NeoGaf mods weren't the brightest bulb in the room and it wouldn't surprise me if this whole thing is blown out of proportion.

lol@Khan and others calling facebook and twiiter Nazi-friendly websites. Well, I am glad your safe space (neogaf) got burnt to the ground.

The hilarious irony out of this situation is that GAF lived by "listen and believe" and then that same mentality screwed it over.

Well this is a surprise.

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Aura7541 said:

The hilarious irony out of this situation is that GAF lived by "listen and believe" and then that same mentality screwed it over.

Indeed. They coultivated a 'feeding frenzy' mentality amongst their users (by not dealing with it) and now they're the victim of it. 


The PS5 Exists. 

GribbleGrunger said:
RolStoppable said:

If Evilore was innocent, all he had to do was issue an official response to the allegations. Instead he ordered his mod team to censor all discussion about the topic. His behavior doesn't reflect the one of an innocent person, but rather the behavior of someone who got caught red-handed. Granting the benefit of the doubt after such actions is overly generous.

Whether he responded to it correctly or not is not an indication of anything other than he made the wrong call. It's NOT proof of guilt. You are just a user on VGC, GAF is a huge site. Just 'think' how would you handle it? More threads are being created, you're trying to think of a way of explaining something with NO proof because it didn't happen (just for the sake of this post), Twitter and Facebook are spreading it everywhere and you have already been deemed 'guilty'. I think I'd panic in that situation too.

Just for one moment sit back and consider this from a neutral position. Just look at the facts (I can't find any) we have at the moment and don't draw conclusions based on accusations. 

There have been multiple threads on this website where users have wrongfully accused me of something. My stance has always been to keep the threads open instead of running to the mod team and asking for a lock. If you aren't guilty, what do you have to lose?

We do have facts in this case. Evilore instructed his mod team to cover up for him and censor all discussion about the topic, including bans for people who dared to bring it up. This cannot be ignored from a neutral position.

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It is ironic that the Sjw movement and witch hunt without proof movement has been facilitated by gaf numerous times recently. And now this same movement is after it. That's karma.

I think it will bounce back. Just enlist some mods and things would be set straight. Hopefully, this forum will get some new users because of it.

Tbh from what I've read about Evilor I'd totally expect him to creep in a shower naked with a sick drunken girl.

Also expect gaf to come back, he will post his statement, assemble a new mod team from the staunchest supporters and disable thread posting privileges for everyone. There will be a thread that deals with the incident but discussion will be controlled, as in, it will become a graveyard. Then after some time things will return to normal.