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I wish EA became all access-based, so they can finally crash and burn.

Just like modern video games will die in the wake of Mobile....

Not. They can both coexist. Streaming/ access based might boost the video game economy but I don't think it will completely replace it. And if it does then I am no longer a gamer. Will just start collecting old games :P.

Agreed. I can see this being the future or at least companies trying.

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The comparison with the music and movie industry isn't a good one.
Those companies didn't have HW to go along their music/movies; any device would allow you to hear/listen to music/movies.

With games, the starting point is that 1st party games are exclusive to the company's HW and each company has their own view on what the HW should be (clearly affecting how they build their games).
So, are Sony, MS and Nintendo willing to give up their HW and respective HW strategies, and adhere to a "universal" HW?

Personally, i really wish that i could get to play this and that game without having to buy more HW, but i really can't see that happening anytime soon.

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If this happens, I'll be retro only


I think that we'll see this become a way to expand and grow the number of console game players. Not replace the current distribution model (retail / digital download).

There are just too many barriers to streaming games for it to become the primary distribution model any time soon.

Sounds like EA wants to kill Playstation. I can respect that.

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HA !

They sure hoped their "Origin" was more popular than what it is actually.

If big 3rd party western publisher end up like that. Then I hope Nintendo and Sony won't follow.

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I actually expect it to become like this too myself, though it's not a future that I'm looking forward to.