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Do you agree with the Article?

Yes 105 66.46%
No 33 20.89%
Depends on the game 15 9.49%
I have no opinion on this subject 5 3.16%

Good. Now, if only the Switch had a decent battery life...

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Playing Switch while in bed is pretty sweet and if I feel like gaming on a bigger screen, just dock the unit. I pull it out whenever I don't want to anymore.

The portability is the least attractive feature of the Switch for me, but it's great in docked mode. As for 4K gaming; it's too early, hardware is not nearly powerful enough to run it properly yet (I said properly, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X don't count, as they cannot run 4K properly).

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.

I'm sitting in the bus station, about to take a bus/train ride south to CT and I have my Switch with me. So, yes, I totally value the system's portability. Its versatility is one of its most attractive features.

But I do agree with VGPolyglot that great games matter in the end. I love Switch most because some of the finest minds in the industry are making games for it, not because I can play it on the toilet

4K is nice and all, but to me it's not that important. So if I had to chose, I would also go with portability.

But in the end, all that matters is if the game is great or not. I play both on Switch, PS4 and PC whatever fits my game of choice better.

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Its the same as last generation.

Many people prefered the worse graphics but move controlls over the higher resolution and better graphics.

Xbox one and Ps4 and their X and Pro models all of them have the same argument ps3 and xbox360 had. The Switch appeals to another market, just like the wii did.

Whatever you prefer is pretty much per-person but Personally I play more at home so obviously If I could only own one platform it would not be a portable device, but having one as a companion console is always great, I loved the Gameboy and every handheld from Sony- Sega and Nintendo after it.

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Barozi said:
I think portability is dramatically overrated.
When exactly is it useful?

During school/work? Certainly not.
When you're at home? No advantage over a console/PC.
On the way to school/work? Only if you use trains/busses (and longer than say 10 minutes per ride).
Is anyone going outside just to play with a handheld? Even then a laptop/tablet would suffice.

And don't get me wrong, 4k is just a bonus.

Bold: A TON of advantages as you can play whenever you want. Like, in your bed, for example. Or when you're preparing dinner. A quick match of 1-2 Switch while cooking is awesome as you don't need a TV. Just an example. Or if your partner wants to use the TV at the same time like you would want to play - just play in handheld mode.

Italic: That's perfect for a lot of games! Instead of just staring through the window you can use your otherwise wasted time and play some games. I'm sure you can beat a lot of heavy rpg's that way. It sums up every day.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

Someone tapped on this elsewhere on this thread but I don't see the big fuss about portability with dedicated gaming machines anymore. It's borderline obsolete, or fast approaching that stage anyway. 15 years ago I remember that wherever I went I had a gameboy advance and all my Pokemon games with me, would religiously play them, but now I have a phone with constant 4G connection, I can choose to play games via that but I can also choose to watch tv/film, read, interact with friends, take pictures and then edit and upload those pictures, watch live sport etc

I think it's wonderful for Nintendo that the Switch is finding an audience, but it will be a limited audience I think. There are simply better devices that we all already own that have a far wider range of experiences for us on the go. This is why the 3DS and Vita are so far down on their respective predecessors, despite them being brilliant devices (particularly the Vita, probably the best dedicated gaming portable device ever made in terms of what it can do) and having exceptional libraries of games (the 3DS more than the Vita on that front mind you).

I was skeptical of the decision to make the Switch what it is,I remain so even now despite it's initial success. Nintendo's chief problems with hardware as far as I can see are that their devices of late have been under powered, have gimmicky control schemes and of course the dedicated handheld market is on the decrease.

Taking that all into account, Nintendo releases an under powered, portable system with gimmicky controls.

Just my thoughts but it's all very niche in the face of the PS4 and X1, which is of course why it finds an audience, it appeals to different people, but not that many I would have thought in the grand scheme of things, It's already about a million behind the PS4 when you align the launches from what I've gathered.

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freebs2 said:
Good. Now, if only the Switch had a decent battery life...

Try a 10 mAh power bank.

That's the reason I'm getting WWE 2K18 on Switch despite the fact that I'll have a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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