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The latest earnings report from Bandai Namco has come in and it has announced that Tekken 7 has exceeded 1.66 million units sold worldwide. Bandai Namco currently forecasted home versions of Tekken 7 to sell 2.1 million units by the year end but the strong start to that sales target is attributed to units of the game sold in Europe and America. The game so far, has proven to be a popular hit.

A lot of people will probably buy the Geese Howard DLC this winter as well, and if the 2018 guest character is any bit as good, it should generate more revenue for Namco as well.

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It's really nice to see good fighting games selling well, and crappy fighting games selling like shit. I don't know why this doesn't happen in every genre, but there's at least some people out there with good taste.

Good on you, Tekken 7.

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Well deserved, I was never too much into Tekken but Tekken 7 is a damn fine game.

Still waiting for Dead or Alive 6 though. =/

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OdinHades said:
Well deserved, I was never too much into Tekken but Tekken 7 is a damn fine game.

Still waiting for Dead or Alive 6 though. =/

Koei Tecmo are milking that one dry as much as they can. But I definitely want Tekken 7, as I love the Tekken franchise.

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That's not bad. For such a long running franchise, on more than 80 million userbase across PS4, XB1, and PC, i'd expect a lot more but at least the game was not the spectacular fuck up that SFV. I think it merits more sales but this is good too.

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And yet according to Vgchartz it's only sold that amount at 820,000 copies.

See it's because of things like this that the site died off so much. What's the point in paying attention to its sales when they're off by 50%?

Huh, still good, but I thought it would be higher. Are the figures as of June 30th or as of today?

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Great sales. Glad to see quality fighters like this still selling well. Just shows you that SFV sold badly because the launch game was bad. Quality still sells. Congrats.