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SegataSanshiro said:

Patrick Stewart is a trained Shakespear theatre actor. Also known for his role as the very moral and wonderful character of Jean Luc Picard. A role model to look up to no matter your age. A very distinguished actor with a distinguished role fitting for his training and talent.


I sit here with this information and think,he went from Picard to voicing a pile of cartoon poop. That's what I am in shock about. True shock this is where he is now.

To be fair, the man's reputation is almost unsinkable now. A poop movie like this one is probably a safe bet, considering he's been paid quite well and noone will ever see this thing, so his cache won't be ruined.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Makes me kinda interested in watching it, I alwats have fun with awful movies since they are so bad lol

Good. Something that's already popular doesn't need to be shoehorned into a movie. Hopefully the minions go the way of the dinosaur soon too.

I am Iron Man

I knew it would be awful but this is a whole new level.
Who greenlit this idea anyway?

Sir Patrick Stewart probably just thought that it would be funny playing a poop character. His image and reputation can take it. The guy is great, his roles have been great, and I'm sure he'd be the coolest grandfather to have ever.

On topic, surely I'm totally shocked about this score.

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when your game developers make better cinematic experiences than your film studios

onionberry said:
when your game developers make better cinematic experiences than your film studios

Lol! That's not an accomplishment when the bare is Sony's movies! 


From Logan to Emoji Movie ... oh Patrick

Emoji's have and will always be terrible so this was no surprised that this film is getting destroyed by critics.

Now just think: this will occupy a massive screen in cinemas across the nation. No, around the world. A perfectly good theater will be occupied by this unbelievable garbage. And cinemas wonder why people are putting less and less value in going to the movies. Joining yourself at the hip to films like this and Pixels and other rubbish, the bad taste they leave in people's mouths will rub off on you. Cinemas seriously need to restrategize how they handle this so they can tell these studios to tkae films like this and cram it up their ass. Cause seriously, it would be far better to have, say, a LotR or Star Wars marathon going on in your big theaters or IMAX theater instead of garbage like Emoji, Pixels, etc.

Wow the scores are even lower than I thought they'd be.