Did you play the Destiny 2 beta? Did you like it?

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What did you think of the Destiny 2 beta?

I loved it! 11 10.68%
It was pretty good. 18 17.48%
It was meh 31 30.10%
It sucked 4 3.88%
Destiny? No thanks. 18 17.48%
I wanted to play, but couldn't. 21 20.39%

Destiny doesn't seem to be particularly popular among the VGC crowd.  But, D2 is expected to be a huge seller, so I'd like to get a better feel for where this community stands on the game, now that the beta is wrapping up.  Please share your thoughts.

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I haven't. I should of, but I haven't. Honestly ... I didn't get sucked into the hype before Destiny's release. Always looked kind of mediocre. I don't get the idea that simply expanding the game would make it better either. I seem to be the only person who feels this way, but the gunplay was very disappointing in the original Destiny, even though everyone seemed to like it. Just felt very mediocre to me.

Been playing since Wednesday. Love the beta. I already have 15,hours into the beta

I've had a good time with the beta. I especially like the quickplay Crucible mode.

I liked it more than the beta for the first game, which turned me off from buying it. Might just get Destiny 2 for the story campaign.

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My roommate plays Destiny. According to him Bungie's efforts at balance have been a giant mess from the start.

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true. 

It's more Destiny.

Thing is, for a game like this, a beta of this nature doesn't really answer the key questions that will ultimately determine this game's success. How much content is there? How much variety? How do they improve replayability on grinding the same events? Do you have enough end game content? Etc, etc.....

I'll know whether or not this game is worth buying about a week or two after launch.

The graphics are great but the story needs to be there this time, not just a social space with the rest tacked on!

Played it. Ranges between pretty good and meh.

I was too busy spurting my ink all over the Splatoon 2 demo, Then I turned on my Switch and played a few stages of it.

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