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Given that CNN's reporters have made videos of Trump's head being graphically decapitated, CNN has sponsored plays that depict Trump being viciously assassinated and CNN has even refused to even condemn an actual shooter who attempted to murder a sitting Republican representatives, how can you possibly buy this fake outrage against Trump? A video showing Trump beating up an animated corporate "CNN" logo looks professional compared to the tactics used by CNN and the rest of the fake news. I just find it funny that people are willing to slam Trump for being "un-presidential" when the fourth estate (the mainstream media) has quite literally called for the assassination of a sitting president, disseminated false news claims such as the Russia narrative, and is even encouraging the public to resort to terrorist activities.

I see no call for violence from this tweet and it is at least 1/100th as bad as what we've seen come from CNN over the past year.

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I love it personally. While I'm not exactly a fan of his lack of progress since taking office, it's worth it to have him as president just for the hilarity. Democrats are so salty about it, lol. 

How is it that the President of the United States of America, reacts on his twitter account the same way an adolescent boy/girl with low grades does. It's truly comical.

You can say something bad about a world leader and he'll rant on twitter about it to no end, I just find that so funny, it's truly sad.

I don't care what you think of Trump I think that video is hilarious.

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This is very sad because CNN isn't fake news, it's factual real news. And the media sources that Trump endorses are fake news. Trump is an idiot.

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CNN's ratings have never been this high in a long time. All thanks to Trump.

Edit: Also can we get less topics about Trump here, please. Everytime i log in there is some new nonsense going on. Yes i ignore those threads but still annoying. 

This time it's over for Drumpf, he can never recover from this

It's quite smart and calculated. I'm not a fan of Trump but I've gained alot more respect for him lately. Everytime he signs an executive order or tries to put policy through, the media attacks him (regardless of whether the policy is sound or not), then Trump throws out the bait, like the Morning Joe attack or this and he hooks them bait line and sinker while they all take the majority of focus off what he is trying to pass. No one is talking about the healthcare bill which was being scrutinized and are now focused on this.

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Haha what a legend. 500k favs and a ton of retweets lol

Majin-Tenshinhan said:
ghost_of_fazz said:
I love Trump. He's making the US economy look weak and unstable, so the US Dollar has been going down a lot since he assumed office, and has not shown signs of stopping.

Soon the exchange rate with my Mexican Peso will be like it was some 10 years ago.

lol, what? The US dollar isn't going down. I know, I get paid in USD while living in a different country, and I have for 4 years. The dollar is much stronger than it was 4 years ago, and about in line with where it was 1 year ago. What are you talking about?

We actually just finished up the worst quarter for the USD in seven years. One bad quarter doesn't totally reverse an upward trend from the last few years, but it was still a bad quarter. 

"The U.S. Dollar just finished its worst quarter in seven years. Much of 2017 has seen the Greenback spiraling lower within a bearish channel, and near the end of last quarter – we saw the Dollar fall below a key support level of 95.86, which is the 50% marker of the 16-year move in DXY. Making matters more confusing for traders is the fact that the Federal Reserve has remained rather hawkish throughout 2017, as we’ve now seen three rate hikes in the past seven months and the Fed has said that they want four more out to the end of next year."