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I wish this game was on the switch It's better than daytona USA on Ps3/Xbox 360 and 10 times better than the ripoff 90's arcade racer for switch/PS4 that has no amazing music or memorable race tracks or flawless drifting.I play like this player shown in the video below.

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Finally started playing Crafted World, got one gem so far.

Overall in terms feel, if Woolly World was Good-Feel's Yoshi's Island, then Crafted is more like their Yoshi Story. Is more chill than exciting or surprising but the level design is pretty solid, some really good like the mix of mechanics and enemies in Mouser and Magnets.

Music is a step down from Woolly and not really due to it being a sole main composition being remixed for a handful of level themes (is a really stupid complain to make unless you hate OSTs like Super Mario World) but more so that the main theme itself isn't the strongest, there are some variations that I enjoy but overall it doesn't beat the sheer variety and strenght of Woolly neither the small number of tracks are great enough, Island had a small OST, but every song was a bliss to listen to.

Overall tho, is a solid game so far, hope it does have some more surprise elements like Island and Woolly later on, being thrown off by bosses and music, like when you fight Miss Cluck or Raphael, Baby Bowser in Island, that epic feel that Yoshi lost since Story and didn't really recover it till Woolly, and even then not fully because they are still stuck on repeating Baby Bowser instead of trying something different, cause otherwise they'll never top Island, its final boss is impossible to top if they re use the idea.

Pause the video at the 0:02 mark, look closely to the icon on the lower right hand side of the TV screen. 

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That intentional "leak" though. Nintendo has shown mastery of the internet craft numbers of time again and again !

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I also feel like this was no accident.

I am happy about this. I loved my box of death creation on WiiU.
Now give me target practice and I will put another 100 hours in this game :D

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Finished Area/World 3 on Paper Mario Sticker Star.

Going to start on Area 4 tomorrow.


Also 22 hours into KH 358/2 Days on the DS.

Mission 69 - Day 277 at lv 36.

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Reggie retires today.

Wyrdness said:
Reggie retires today.

And Mario's best pal takes the place instead :3

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I guess Octopath we'll become a tad bit more popular in Chinese territories now !

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