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Bloodborne 220 16.58%
Nioh 23 1.73%
Until Dawn 20 1.51%
Splatoon 407 30.67%
Horizon Zero Dawn 476 35.87%
The Wonderful 101 24 1.81%
Arms 23 1.73%
Watch Dogs 10 0.75%
Sunset Overdrive 35 2.64%
Other 89 6.71%

Splatoon for me. Bloodbourne is a good shout out as well.

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No Nier?

Knack, and it's not even close. Best game of the past 10 years.


Insidb said:
No Nier?

Nier is a seventh gen game.

Probably should've voted for Splatoon but I threw some love at The Wonderful 101 instead. That will always be the underappreciated gem in Wii U's library.

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Horizon Zero Dawn by a mile, Bloodborne and Titanfall runner ups.


Horizon is very close, but Splatoon is very fun and unique.

green_sky said:
TargaryenVers2 said:
Personally for me I think it's Splatoon, but I think objectively it's Horizon


The_BlackHeart__ said:

Wait a second. There is not a single Microsoft's first party IP on the list. Is this true? Meaning Sea of Thieves will be the first after almost 4 years?


By the way, Insomniac should re-release Sunset Overdrive for the Switch at least.


Regarding the OP, Horizon Zero Dawn is objectively the best new IP of this gen so far.

Just curious by what metrics it is objectively the best? Sales, critical receptions, forum users imaginations?

Doesn't Overwatch beat it in the first 2 metrics? And the 3rd.... well that obviously isn't objective, does seem to be the one that's being used though

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I totally underestimated Horizon's appeal!.. let's see if it ages better than Bloodborne.