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I really feel like that this game is going to be held in high regards just like Mario 64, except this one looks a thousand times bigger and better. Seriously, realistic looking dinosaurs and humans that you can even control? That's incredible. I can easily see this being more critically acclaimed and even sell better than Zelda BoTW.

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I've always been a huge Mario fan, so my opinion would be biased.

Mario games simply have this magic that you rarely find anywhere else. It's like the Disney/Pixar of video games. Sunshine, 64, Galaxy, 3d land/world, super mario world, mario kart- I always gain this childish excitement when I play Mario. Odyssey will probably continue this trend as we see him in a game which can be considered 64's "sequel".

Open world Zelda was something we could kind of seen coming some day.

Super Mario Odyssey was just mind blown.

It looks great but I wouldn't say its more ambition then BoTW.

Mario is Nintendo's baby, you're not going to see that level of polish on any Nintendo game and that's why Mario always look better than any Nintendo franchise (visually speaking)

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Mystro-Sama said:
It looks great but I wouldn't say its more ambition then BoTW.

I would say that Odyssey is up there in terms of ambition. Zelda has a bigger world and a lot of fantastic things, but do you know how much coding and how much skills you need to create a platform game where you can be more than 10 different characters? that's a lot of gameplay mechanics and level design.  

I have to agree. And I absolutely love Zelda. Mario Odyssey is just on a whole new level.

It will almost definitely sell more. Mario has a wider audience than Zelda.

Odyssey is definitely up there. But I would still give the edge to Breath of the Wild.

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Nah. BotW was completely different from every other 3D Zelda, only similar to the original (but only because of complete freedom). Odyssey is like 64 and Sunshine, but newer.

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