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Bought hellblade

Very good game so far, though the combat is a bit bland.


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Tagging this, because I own about 30 physical Switch games and countless Indies. Will post what I have later on.

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Just bought Yoku's Island Express (digital)

That time of the month again.... where my switch bleeds my wallet for some gaming blood.

Got around to finishing a bunch of games this month as well though so what went into the machine in cash easily pays off all the time, one game I was very let down by was Dont starve, I've had that for so long after hearing so much about how "it's just like minecraft" dear lord I couldn't find a single thing about that game which is like minecraft other than the fact that you play as a guy.... and it's a video game. Think I had just hyped it up in my head a lot but was let down by the actual game and just deleted it to get back the GB that it takes to store.

It's worth pointing out as well now that Saints Row the Third has gotten a couple of patches on the Switch and is what I would rate as being... playable, it's not amazing in the performance area but at least now there isn't softlocks which are simple to trigger and there has been little to no crashing or major issues with game missions just not working as it was in the vanilla launch state.

Ding Dong XL
Capcom Beat ‘em up bundle
The Mahjong Huntress
Stunt Kite Party
Future Grind
War Theatre
Art of Balance
Saints Row The Third
Road Redemption
The Adventures of Elena Temple
Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes
Revenge of the Bird King
Odium to the Core
Arena of Valor
Coffee Crisis
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2
Castle of Heart

24 games this month.... wonder should I buy 7 more tomorrow to round it up to one game a day lol.

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Enter the gungeon and Sega ages outrun

bought Mortal Kombat 11 and Saint Row The Third

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Just got a physical copy of Hollow Knight!

Mr.GameCrazy said:
Just got a physical copy of Hollow Knight!

That's a thing?

mZuzek said:
Mr.GameCrazy said:
Just got a physical copy of Hollow Knight!

That's a thing?

Yep. https://www.fangamer.com/collections/hollow-knight