Prediction: Mario Kart 9 won't release until a decade or more after MK8

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they skipped it. mk11 is out, and it's multi-plat

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It makes sense if you think about it; sales are great for MK8:D and the near-decade long gap between releases will make MK9 an even bigger deal on top of it potentially being a launch title for the Switch's successor.

I was reading this thread like it was just made lol. I agree, MK9 isn’t coming out on switch

MK9 will most likely be cross platform with Switch 2. MK8 Deluxe is a hard one to follow up on, and given that most people missed it on WiiU, it could easily cover this generation of Switch.

If they did release it earlier, I expect it to be something more unique with different mechanics to make it stand out. Something like double-dash comes to mind.

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I really hope that for the next Mario Kart they make a Mario Kart Adventure game. There's just so much that can be done by allowing us to take these Karts into open environments. Would be a cool way to introduce both exploration and great battle arenas into the game. You could find wheels and cars in hidden caves and by doing amazing jumps (hiding cars in plain sight at the apex of incredible jumps). Of course, the main aspect of the game would still be the races, but this would be a cool way to open up the game. It really bothers me that I'm seeing all of these cool levels and yet I can't go explore those regions.

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If Switch 2 launches next year then we could be hearing about it next year with some exclusive features for the new Switch.

But I agree, there’s no need for it at the moment because people are still buying Switches to play Mario Kart 8. Not only is it the best Mario Kart game of all time, but the Switch is the best console for playing Mario Kart games ever due to the portable abilities and large groups of players that can easily join in.

Personally, I am wondering if Diddy Kong Racing is a potential?

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Yeah, it wouldn't shock me if MK9 comes out until like 2024 (assuming the Switch 2 comes out around 2023). Anyway, I don't feel desperate for a new MK game because I haven't even played the current one :P (but I'll do when I buy a Switch)

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If not a full decade, it's going to be close. No way they release one next year. Earliest would be 2021, if we get new Switch hardware with a hardware update. I could see them keeping quiet about it this far if that's their plan. We'd likely here about it at the 2021 E3 Direct if that's the case, for a holiday release. That would still make 7 years between mainline Mario Kart releases (aka not arcade or phone games), the longest stretch ever. If there is no hardware update to justify a new entry to take advantage of it, then we likely won't see Mario Kart 9 until the Switch's successor, which will probably come in 2024, a full decade after 8. That could end up being pretty epic, as Nintendo will probably get VR figured out for the Switch successor, and fully implement it into MK9.

Been predicting this for over a year now. The Switch already has a Mario Kart that will sell several million units every year. Not that a new entry wouldn't make them lots of money, but it would come with an opportunity cost. If they hold their fire, Nintendo can launch Mario Kart 9 with the Switch successor or put it in the launch window. Considering that Mario Kart is arguably Nintendo's biggest IP in terms of pure game sales and appeals to a very broad audience (seriously, what demographic doesn't love Mario Kart?) it's the perfect launch game. It won't even hurt long run sales potential by with a small install base since it's such an evergreen franchise.

Also, there's like ZERO chatter about the next Mario Kart game from anywhere. Not that the internet knows everything, but it is telling that the IP has gone dark in the past two years.

A minor note on the original post: Depending on your definition of "launch window", Mario Kart 64 was a very early title for the N64, releasing about 5 months after the console's launch. So there is precedent.

Anyway, this is one of those predictions that takes into account data, niche, and business motivation for releasing MK9 on current gen Switch.

Considering Nintendo hasn't said anything recently, even if they did have MK9 in development, it's possible they shelved the project. This COULD have been what Retro was working on before, or at least developing some content for.

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