Xbox One X is the name of Scorpio

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Thought of the name?

Epic! 19 7.95%
Terrible 126 52.72%
Ok 94 39.33%

So Geoff was right.

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So happy. Can still call it Xbone. Welcome XboneX. We are humbled. 😐


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Called in the name prediction thread.

In Japan, it'll be known as the Nobox One No.

This is a very fitting offical Xbox One X theme song!

To change the name? Well....

It's not too late, it's never too late :3

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Wrong Thread. 

So a XOX? Like would you pronounce that "zocks"? Huh

I am impressed with the size. Just damnnn! It is small!


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Add another X and you have the ultimate porn box.

Ugly name, but loved the appearance.