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How much will ARMS sell in 2017?

Less than 750k 16 5.46%
750k to a million 19 6.48%
1 - 1.5 million 41 13.99%
1.5 - 2 million 55 18.77%
2 - 2.5 million 56 19.11%
2.5 - 3 million 53 18.09%
3 - 3.5 million 20 6.83%
More than 3.5 million 33 11.26%

As the test punch is rolling out over the next few days, I think people are really getting to experience the appeal of the game that may not have been easy to show from trailers alone. It requires strategy, has lots of charm in the characters, and a decent amount of game modes, as well as free DLC as time goes on. It's following the success of Splatoon. This, alongside the small library of a recently launched console, will make this another hit for Nintendo. 

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It will probably do well. I see it topping 1-2 million during the first week or two, and then more sales coming as the Switch continues. Won't be surprised to see it have nice legs.

To be honest, I feel like it could go either way. I believe it will easily do a million with a chance to do more. But I am also weary because of the type of game that it is that it might not have as high of an appeal as some are thinking. I still think it will be a success for Nintendo though.

I'm pretty confident that it'll manage to hit at least some what close to 1 million first week, definitely over 1 million in it's first month and I could definitely see 2 million+ lifetime.

I'm sure it will. I mean even Wii Music sold over 3 million...

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There's definitely potential. Loving the art style and playing the game was great fun yesterday.

How much did Splatoon sell when it 1st launched? I'm still not ready to call this game a smashing success.



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I think at least 2.5 - 3 million LTD. Depending on NS success, this could even double.

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A heavily advertised Nintendo game released early in the life-cycle of the platform? I'd be surprised if it didn't. The real question is, will it out-sell 1-2-Switch?

I'm pretty sure it'll do at least 1M-1.5M during it's first year.

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