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Am I the only one disappointed at how the new MH game looks on the level of PS4 hardware? :-/

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looks great, wonder if the main villain will be Vulture like the movie

lots of QTEs, but I wonder how you make big set pieces with that character without them, would be difficult I imagine

They held back, MS showing caused no fuss or need to go above and beyond.

Holy fuck that was fucking shit.

So...the only new stuff is a SotC remake and Horizon DLC?

I might have missed stuff in all the VR.

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Were Monster Hunter and SotC the only new things?

So.... that's it?

Feels a bit disappointing really. Some good stuff, but really felt lacking compared to some of Sony's previous E3s.

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I don't see how Nintendo could top this. I just don't.

The rumors about Japenese games were true though. MH is big there.

Dunno why they made it so short, while dropping stuff in the pre-event, could have condensed it all together,