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You know what, I'm surprised. It wasn't even that long ago where I was talking about how of the grunge vocalists, that Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and Scott Weiland were all dead, and now Chris Cornell has died too! So now only Eddie Vedder is left! So, were any of you guys fans of Soundgarden? How do you feel about this news? I guesss I'll share my favourite Soundgarden song:

Update: After getting more information, it seems that it was a suicide, specifically by hanging:

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Oh my lord, this is truly bad ): death of an icon. Rest in peace Chris Cornell ):

Such sad news to wake up to. :(

That's a damn shame, rock just lost a legend.

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Horrible. He wasn't even that old. -_-

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Well this is a bummer.

CaptainExplosion said:
Horrible. He wasn't even that old. -_-

Yeah, it was a very unexpected death! He was just talking about a concert in Detroit when it happened.

When Scott Weiland, my fav, died a year and a half ago, Chris Cornell did a nice tribute to him:

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sad news, was a fan of his work, especially Audioslave. he will be missed.

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gonna go listen to Say Hello to Heaven by Temple of the Dog now

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