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Have you ever been late to the party when it comes to playing games?

Yes, all the time 40 61.54%
Sometimes, depends on the game 24 36.92%
No, I play all my games at release 1 1.54%

I need to play RDR.

Judge me.

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Most of them, seeing that I grew up loving games but having a very limited games collection, because my mom didn't condone it as a way to spend my time and my dad being to poor to give me any outside of birthdays and christmas.

That's also the reason I'm much more of a handheld gamer nowadays, despite owning a playstation and three games as well as a thousand demo disks, I only got to play it when my mom was out and I had to hook it up and unhook it every time I wanted to play because she didn't want the 'thing' in the living room. Much easier to just ie in bed and play your gameboy than go through that hassle every time.

I remember saving up for months to be able to buy the legend of zelda oracle of seasons after being gifted ages for my birthday by my dad. So I had a few games that I kept replaying and replaying until I was old enough to have enough funds to actually buy my own stuff. I won my DS in a contest, because there was no way I could actually afford one it came with Professor Layton and the Curious Village, wich had just released at the time. I was ecstatic.

So, yeah I could actually feasibly do a SuperNovas never played:____ series.

Played Chrono trigger 3 years ago, that shit is good.


I missed Xenogears.

Passed it as another "733t billy bad ass ponytale aZn and robots fighting" game that was prevalent at the time, didn't even know it was a RPG.

Played it during 360/PS3 and it became my #1 favorite game bumping Final Fantasy II (IV) off the pedestal. Deepest most mind blowing story of any JRPG to date.

Which is cool because now I can genuinely affirm it's not nostalgia when I bring it up because I played it for the first time myself when it was already three generations old, confirming that old RPGs truly are timeless.

Almost all of the games I play. I just finished Mutant Mudds (2012), and just started Swords & Soldiers (2009). I recently played The Wind Waker HD, since I missed it on the GameCube. That was originally a 2002 game. I have been playing Splatoon recently. That is only a 2015 game.

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Being low on money for the last few years, I have been really selective with the game I played. And since 2011, few games caugth my interest so it seems I've been missing alot, but at the same time I don't feel any regret.

Last year, I picked up MGS 5, almost a year after the release date. I loved the series, but I was skeptical about this one and decided to wait for the dust to settle down after all the reviews and praising it like a masterpiece. After hours of playtime, I felt like I was right with my apprehensions and didn't regret for waiting. Overall, the game was disappointing.

I did the same thing with Witcher 3 and I still don't understand what is the fuss about this one.

Portal 2, for sure. Was fantastic when I played but I didn't really get into PC gaming until years after it released.

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Shiken said:
I am currently playing Dark Souls 3, and I still have Uncharted 4 in the box.

At some point, I also plan to play the Xenoblade games as well.

I've not even started Dark Souls 2 yet, and I don't even own Dark Souls 3 or Uncharted 4 yet, lol :P 

Insidb said:
I need to play RDR.

Judge me.

You're good. I've played RDR and liked it fine, but prefer the cross-gen XB360 port of GUN. If VGC operated on jungle rules, that admission would see my face peeled off, and nailed to a tree as a warning to others by nightfall.

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