Is this Phil Spencer's final test for Microsoft? Is his job on the line?

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Could Phil Spencer's job be on the line?

Yes. 132 53.66%
No. 114 46.34%
Chazore said:
I dunno why you want them to put a full stop to pandering to the PC market. They've had their hand in that one for years. After having ignored it during the Xbox to 360 era, they finally see it growing bigger and bigger, that they no longer want to ignore it let alone have anyone else take it away from them (which Steam did for the most part). They came from that market, it makes sense for them to do business with it.

I don't see a world where they build games exclusively on PC and exclusively on Xbox, they just aren't in that business anymore, it's all about building games that can be played on both, for different markets to tap into. Also costs them more money to make games separately for the two markets than it does for one.

Traditionally, in order for the console market to flourish you must separate its value from the PC market. Microsofts true goal is to have one operating system which connections consoles to PC's with any form of multimedia. They dont really care about platforms and never have. They can do that by themselves. Nintendo and Sony are where the bulk of the traditional console games are coming from anyway.

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SegataSanshiro said:
AsGryffynn said:

And even with the ossified lineup it's still doing better than it's predecessor and this is not an incredibly complicated thing. Seriously, I know the guy isn't the best, but he's doing alright. Definitely wished it was Peter Moore though... 

Hasn't that been proven to be false?

Err, no... At least not when money is involved. 

It was Britain, it is America, tomorrow France and next year, the world... 

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    They're shooting for the top. A full-on human replicant. This is the best model yet. Very close. What I'm saying is, it's not about a specific point in time where an obvious mistake was made, or even a series of mistakes. It's about when the next model is ready. This model has evolved it's algorithm though. He no longer talks about the total number of raindrops that fell online in Forza 6 on Columbus Day.

    Chinese food for breakfast


    Looks like it still hasn't set in that the console war as it was known is over.

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    RolStoppable said:
    Looks like it still hasn't set in that the console war as it was known is over.

    Sony won the war?

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    I think it is unfair to use Nioh, Persona, Yakusa and others japenease games that are only exclusives to Playstation because of Japanease particular market situation.

    Microsoft would need to basicaly burn money to put those games on the Xbox. They have very little success in the early 360 - to be honest not even West-oriented games had much effect either.

    There is no ilusion that those games would sell particular well on the XOne or that they would push hardware sales.

    However, you should not be blind by a couple of first party exclusives being critical aclaimed, Sony probably still makes much more money from third party games - mostly online mp - than with exclusives.

    Just look at NPD data.

    RolStoppable said:
    Looks like it still hasn't set in that the console war as it was known is over.

    The war never ends.

    And never changes.

    I´ve just read "Console Wars - Sega vs Nintendo". It is incredible how things are still the same as the time of "Mode 7" and "Blast Processor".

    jason1637 said:
    RolStoppable said:
    Looks like it still hasn't set in that the console war as it was known is over.

    Sony won the war?

    Yes and no. That's the funny thing about it.

    I think it was in 1997 that Ken Kutaragi made it crystal clear that Sony's real competition isn't Nintendo or Sega, rather it's Microsoft who didn't even make consoles at the time. Kutaragi's vision was always that one day a box in the living room would provide all kinds of entertainment, so video games merely served as an entry point to get a box in people's living rooms. Because of that vision and the success of the PS1, Microsoft saw Windows threatened and entered the console business. Xbox was a defensive strategy to protect Windows. The two key points:

    1. Windows had to remain the ultimate platform for entertainment.
    2. PC game developers were not supposed to be drawn to PlayStation and weaken PC gaming. The vast majority of PC gamers used Windows.

    It's because of these reasons that Microsoft didn't exit the market after losing $4 billion with the original Xbox. Windows was worth a lot more than $4 billion, so a presence in the console market was justified.

    The PS3 constituted Kutaragi's masterpiece. It was PlayStation in the form that he had always envisioned. Unfortunately for him, it turned out to be a big failure and Sony promoted him into retirement. The consequences of this failure can be seen in the PS4. Firstly, the dream of the entertainment box is dead; not only did the PS3 fail, but smart devices decentralized the living room, so a stationary device has not even a theoretical chance to pull it off anymore. Secondly, after the costly Cell processor, Sony switched to a PC-like architecture which means that the porting process between PC and PlayStation is very easy and therefore games will release on both platforms. Both of these things are favorable for Microsoft.

    Sony won the console war in the sense of selling the most consoles, but they lost it in terms of the endgame. As mentioned, the endgame went well beyond video games.

    If we now shift our attention to Microsoft's perspective, Windows being safe against PlayStation means that there is less need for Xbox. Microsoft's full force attempt at the endgame (control over living room entertainment) with Xbox One was a failure, so that too means less need for Xbox. This explains why Microsoft ceased to make Xbox-exclusive games. This explains why Microsoft has been a lot less aggressive in pursuing deals for third party games (exclusivity and/or marketing).

    Fans on both the Sony and Microsoft side should stop to expect that Microsoft will put up a serious fight with Xbox. It would cost a lot of money, but the profits that can be earned in the video game business are peanuts by Microsoft's standards.

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    niceguygameplayer said:

    PS4 was doubling Xbox One sales until recently. It is now more like tripling XB1 sales worldwide now. No exciting exclusives lately. Halo Wars has bombed. Gears, Forza, and, even the mighty Halo are selling less than in the past. Rise of the Tomb Raider has already sold more on PS4 despite a years exclusivity on Xbox. Scale Bound was cancelled. Crackdown (with it's cloud power) has failed to release after years of hype. Freeing up Kinect was supposed to boost game performance, but PS4 still usually has the better versions. That's not all.

    Phil has made some terrible decisions in my opinion. He let go of the Call of Duty deals. He has failed to secure many other exclusive deals for Xbox. He has made most of the few big Xbox games available for PC. Exclusives still matter. Phil doesn't seem to get that. Also, he seems to fail to recognise that ppl still want single player games too. I prefer single player games with deep stories myself. 

    Also, there are little Japanese games (my favorite) on XB1. Phil took a trip to Japan recently. Maybe he is just realizing his mistakes. I hope his trip made a difference. Hopefully there will be many more Japanese games coming to Xbox. 

    With all of these mistakes and poor decisions, I think Phil Spencer may be looking for a new job if things don't change soon. With the Nintendo Switch, XB1 is now running 3rd place weekly. Crackdown and Sea of Thieves won't be near enough. Phil still has a chance however!

    His ultimate weapon, Project Scorpio, is coming soon. It will be the most powerful gaming console in history. It is a whopper! It even makes the PS4 Pro look a little weak. However, the extra power is not enough alone. Here is what I think he should do: 

    1. Stop with the PC crap. If someone is going to pay high dollar for Scorpio, you might as well invest in a PC instead if the games are coming to PC too. Make the Scorpio games exclusive, or at least 6 month timed exclusive. I mean Xbox exc!usive, not just Scorpio. That brings me to my second point.

    2. Have Scorpio games be compatible with XB1 for one year so that XB1 owners will get five full years of support. Then go to Scorpio games only, because it is powerful enough to be next generation. Staying XB1 compatible will hold it's potential back... and sales. 

    3. Do not price Scorpio higher than $450. Even if it means short term loss, it will get the system out there. Remember guys, PS4 Pro could be cut to $350 with Horizon packed in. 

    4. Get more games out! This E3 had better be full of new game announcements. 

    5. Get aggressive again. Get Call of Duty back in 2018 for a start. It's a sales console war. Start acting like it Phil. He seems to be a nice guy, but nice won't win the console war. 

    Consoles aren't a big deal for Microsoft. Microsoft's main interests lie elsewhere. Traditionally, it's been PC software (such as Windows and Office), but recently, Microsoft has been shifting more towards services.

    1. PC is exactly where a lot of Microsoft's interests lie, so it would be stupid for MS to not invest in it. Right now, Microsoft doesn't really have any immediate threats on the PC front, but if Microsoft continued to neglect PC gamers like it did for like a decade, someone is going to come and take those PC gamers from Microsoft. Valve tried it with SteamOS, Facebook has its own service, and I'm sure Google is interested as well. No one has succeeded yet, but if Microsoft gives them a chance, they'll take it sooner or later.

    2. Consoles aren't exactly a big deal for Microsoft, but this would probably anger a lot of existing Xbox One owners because it still feels too soon for a new generation. Besides, I'm not sure Scorpio is going to bring enough improvement to warrant breaking the ties with Xbox One. Gameplay-wise, even current consoles aren't holding creativity back very much, I'd guess.

    3. Actually I'd say the limit is probably $500, but you have a fair point anyway. Pricing is very important.

    4. I don't think Microsoft has that many studios to work on games. You have a nice wish but it's very unlikely the few teams Microsoft has have come up with huge hits, and it probably doesn't even make much sense to ask for a huge number of games.

    5. It's not a sales war. It's normal competition where the companies aim to maximize profits. I agree that a more aggressive stance might be more effective, but at the same time, I'm not sure it could really change the situation too much due to Sony's huge lead.

    niceguygameplayer said:
    craighopkins said:
    Its hard to judge right now. because if he beefed up first party it could take a while to see the fruits. games just don't pop out the ass

    Scorpio wasn't invented yesterday. Neither are the games being developed for it. He should have at least 5 major games ready for it at launch.

    I'm yet to see a hardware launch with 5 major exclusive games...

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