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Nintendo just released a YouTube video revealing the New 2DS XL - here it is


The New 2DS XL features a brand new curved design opposed to the 3DS line which uses a much more rectangular design, it also utilizes the clamshell design that the original 2DS did not. It will have the same faster processing power of the New 3DS line but again, with no 3D option implemented.

The New 3DS XL will launch on July 28 and will cost $149.99


-The N2DS features an almost entirely black design with aqua lightlights around the edge, and on the face buttons, D-pad, and shoulder buttons.

-The top half is entirely glass, reminiscent of the original 3DS design for the top screen

-The large panel on the bottom resembles that of the panel used to guard Nintendo Switch cartridges, a feature that no Nintendo handheld has ever featured

-The camera returns, this time having the camera on the clamshell itself instead of above the top screen, reminiscent of the DSi line.

-The C-stick is placed much lower down on the console compared to the N3DS, eliminating the notch in the clamshell, likely for better comfort

-built in amiibo functionality, as seen with the N3DS line

-the Home button resembles that of the Nintendo Switch, now being placed below the D-pad on the left-hand side of the console

-the charging port has shifted to the right hand side of the cosole near the right shoulder buttons, compared to the 3DS line which had the charging port centered on the console.

-the bottom portion of the 2DS appears thicker than previous 3DS consoles, suggesting a more accessible microSD card slot

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Oh man this is gonna be insanely huge at that price point...

A clamshell 2DS? So... a cheaper 3DS without the useless 3D, the extra power of the New 3DS line and it doesn't look stupidly ugly like the original 2DS? Great idea! Too bad I've already got a New 3DS or I'd totally be down for one of those!

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Looks cool, basically a 3DS design without 3D.


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That's a cool design and all, but it's kinda late to be releasing that. Ah well, it'll probably do pretty well anyways.



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What the...? This is so random!

Probably to hit the lower price point that the Switch can't hit.

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What the hell...?This is so out of the blue!This dosent make sense!I gotta sleep on this one.

why not just get the 2DS then? its at 80$ retail now!