PS5 graphics to move closer to photorealism, says Mothergunship dev

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i will never understand while these kind of articles need to be written alongside a mock-up of whatever future console is being discussed

they always look so shit and tacky

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Just in time 😂

Azzanation said:
Haha they say this every generation.

And every generation they've been right.  With each gen we do indeed get closer to photo realism on Playstation.  PS5 will be another step closer. Probably be PS6 before we achieve it to a sufficient standard though. 

If the PS4 didn't have to render 1080p, they could def get close to photorealism at 480p



every gen, the same thing

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It would be surprising if it didn't.
"Here is the PS5, it's weaker than the PS4, buy it!" wouldn't stick too well.

Havent new consoles (excluding Scorpio since it's just doing 4K on Xbone games, not new games) always moved us closer to photorealism?


Jpcc86 said:
Photorealism? Now thats boring.

I'm just imagining bigger, more beautiful, more interactive worlds, think the Ratchet remake but looking 10x more impressive, we can't imagine such gloriousness yet.

This just in: PS5 will have better graphics than PS4.

Can expect Guerrilla Games, and Naughty Dog to impress.

How expensive would a photorrealist, 1080p or 4K 60fps game be? Would that be even be finantially feasible?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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