Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 graphics to move closer to photorealism, says Mothergunship dev

oh wow, even closer to realism, as though they haven't been trying for the last 20 years lol. But on a serious note, they have the wrong idea about what next gen should be about. We have been wowed by graphics since every generation, that it can no longer give us a greater high that what was conveyed already. Instead they should be pushing for immersion and doing things with physics ,AI, and sense of scale taking it to new heights. I'd rather worlds filled with so much detail, depth of fields, thousands to millions of onscreen elements reacting realistically, taking us to places we haven't experienced before. We need a huge jump in cpu processors to elevate to the next level. They need to invest in that more so than gpu's.

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WagnerPaiva said:
My limit on how good I want graphics to be is Horizon Zero Dawn, anything past that is pointless

That what we say every generation until we see the next Horizon: Zero Dawn haha

The question is though. Can the system do that. And keep a consistent resolution and FPS.

Jpcc86 said:
Photorealism? Now thats boring.



Also He is full of bullshit. Films CGI still often looks bad in characters. Enviroments yeah they had that down a long time but humans and creatures. No.

And here i thought we would be moving away from it

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Nice to hear but I'm more of a gameplay sort of person...

KLAMarine said:
Nice to hear but I'm more of a gameplay sort of person...

Did it say that PS5 games won't have gameplay?

Isn't that like, the thing to say every generation? At this point, it's like a no shit that every generation gets more powerful and closer to photo realism.

Trunkin said:
contestgamer said:
I hope we get photo realism soon. Imagine Zelda BOTW if it was photorealistic. It'd be the greatest game of al time without question. Every game would benefit so much.

I dunno. That's certainly not the case with paintings and film. I don't really see why gaming would be any different.

Films? Most are photo realistic because they are photos...moving photos. If games looked that good theyd be amazing.

Azzanation said:
Haha they say this every generation.

I thought the exact same thing when I read this thread title.