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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has picked up another big-time award. What is expected to be Naughty Dog's final Uncharted game won the overall Best Game at the BAFTAs, the organization announced. The other nominees for Best Game were Firewatch, Inside, Overwatch, Stardew Valley, and Titanfall 2.

Although Uncharted 4 took home the top honor, Playdead's indie game Inside scored the most awards overall, bringing home four: Artistic Achievement, Game Design, Narrative, and Original Property.

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Overcooked also picked up two awards for Best British Game and Best Family Game. The AMD eSports Audience Award, meanwhile, was won by Clash Royale. Other games nominated in this category were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Street Fighter V.

For Best Multiplayer, Overwatch won the BAFTA, while Pokémon Go came out on top in the Mobile Game category. The Last Guardian was recognised with a BAFTA for its Audio Achievement, and the mystery adventure game Virginia was awarded one for its Music.

Finally, prolific game designer Brenda Romero was presented with the Special Award in "recognition of her outstanding creative contribution to the industry and for her illustrious career in game design, her advocacy for the art and creative process behind game-making, and her commitment to encouraging the next generation of talent in the industry."



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Nice, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Well deserved.....congrats to Naughty Dog and the UC4 team!

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It's an amazing game! Congrats Naughty Dog!

Now I really have to play Inside. Won the most awards (4) awards at BAFTA, and it's number 1 on IGN's top 25 XboxOne games. I have an XBO, so I'll be getting to that when I beat BOTW

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overcooked deserves more

Very well deserved.. When I get through my current games I must play this again and platinum it n such a joy to behold.

I say it again - the SP is terrible by Uncharted standards but the MP is simply unrivalled - the best ever out of any TPS.

Well deserved, fantastic send off to Nathan and crew. Glad to see inside sweeping up a lot of awards though and overwatch not taking everything (cause i'm petty like that) but how in the hell, "The AMD eSports Audience Award, meanwhile, was won by Clash Royale." That makes my brain hurt, Clash Royale is considered an eSports?!

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Well deserved. One of the best and most memorable games I've played last year.