Is Wii U now worth it?

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Is Wii U worth it?

Yes, now that it has its crown jewel. 36 16.00%
Yes, it already was a sys... 126 56.00%
Nope. 63 28.00%

Yes, it does. In fact it worth since Mario Kart 8

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No. It's out of production and most games, consoles, and accessories are no longer in retail channels. This means only resellers will have it and prices getting jacked up because "rare, oos, collector,hard to find, etc"


Took 20 years for people to go nuts over NES, SNES, etc. Now days a Wii U game can be out of stock at a store and be 3x MSRP in less than 24 hours of release (see Devils Third incident).

I'd say Zelda should be experienced only on the Switch. The Wii U version is inferior, and won't get the same updates.

The Switch will also most likely have a more robust Virtual Console.


Although Wii U I found was worth it for XCX, which is more of a legitimate Xeno____ game than XC2 on Switch will be. XC2 on Switch overall looks like they are genericizing and catering toward the "yay yay animu!" crowd, rather than people looking for a compelling RPG.

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Wii U was the worst console I bought in my life. No exclusive Zelda, no exclusive Mario Kart, lots of platformers nobody wanted, trash hardware, the gamepad was useless and zero third-party support. Now that the Switch is out there is zero reason to buy a Wii U.

It was worth it after Smash Bros.

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