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This is amazing



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Love the parody of the DK rap! And the roast to Microsoft ;)

I'll repeat my Youtube comment: was that a fucking Nuts and Bolts reference?

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This is awesome.

Damnations, I want to buy Yooka Laylee day 1 but I got too many things ordered and bought too many games :(

I want it on PC but I'm not sure if my rig can run it well - wonder if there's a demo.

If not, then I would get it on PS4 but again no more funds :(!!!!!!

I guess I'll wait.


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The DK Rap has finally been dethroned..

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To click or not to click. That is the question

Greatest song in the history of mankind. I made unmanly noises. It's so beautiful!

Dravenet7 said:
To click or not to click. That is the question

Why not both ?

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This is amazing.... I half expected an april fools joke... wow. just wow.

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