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That's largely due to fact that the US has been given the responsibility of being the police of the world and the fact that the US government give $40-50 billion away in foreign aid every year and then private citizens give another $25-30 billion. It's easy to sit on a high horse when you're doing things like that.

Like those 40 billions dollars going to Israel, a country that's just passed a law legalizing theft, as long as they're the thief. Will that be policed? How about standing up to the Saudi's massacres in Yemen? A war that's leaving millions starved. Do you know more about the Iraq war than what Bush told you? USA gets to sit on a high horse because it's a superpower, and not because it's morally superior, and as I've already said, in a sense, that's fine. 

I said how someone can feel to have that position. That $40 billion to a heavily marginalized and oppressed country and people in Israel. So, you can easily complain about the US supporting the world, but we still do more for the world than anyone else. There are plenty who want the US to drop foreign aid completely, but then the US is still the bad guy. Lose, lose.

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Back in 2012 Obama said to meldevev or whatever is name was that he would have more room to negotiate after the US election, rightwingers went fucking crazy, that was the proof they needed that he was a dirty communist bastard. Now, you have Trump who keep attacking US citizens like that carrier union chief or the judge that cancel his muslim ban but won't say anything negative about putin, he rather throw his own country under the bus to defend him, yet rightwingers praise him for his honesty lol.

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Last i recall his campaign pledge was ' Drain The Swap' and all he did was fill it up with his own alligators.

Handing an education secretary job to a highest bidder against public education isn't quite serving the 'working people' he supposedly had a voice for. They can't afford charter schools.

I'm still waiting as to what he's going to do for our Veterans...which he courted all election. Think that would be a priority?

The Trump business just cost taxpayers $100k over a weekend in South America for Eric Trump....count how many grown arse kids he has....this presidency is going to cost taxpayers quite a bit for family that has billions of 'their own money'.

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Trump is the nightmare result where only 55% of the adult population voted in the US Presidential election. A large number of the Anti-Trump protesters did not even vote and they missed their chance to keep Trump out of the White House. Trump and Brexit are 2 fine examples of what can happen when young people do not vote.

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