Would you go to war for your country?

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Would you?

Of course I will 41 11.75%
Only if I think the cause is very good 79 22.64%
Probably not 70 20.06%
Never 159 45.56%

I love my country, Romania, but I wouldn't go to war.

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Mnementh said:
Leadified said:

Reduce it, why exactly? You're at the mercy of your occupiers, read up on the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe after World War II.

Yeah, compare that to the deaths from war. I take occupation over war. There are other ways fighting against occupation without it involves deaths: sabotage, demonstations, obstruction. Take a look at your own example, the soviet occupation of eastern europe ended not with a war. That is better, because despite what all say, a war always destroys lives, societies and economy. Depending on the intensity of a war, the negative effects occur for a long time even after it ended. War is really, really the last resort, if someone is starting to massacre people. War should only be seen as option, if it is no worse than what is fought against. And as war is pretty bad, not much keeps necessitating a war.

Your belief is pretty firm so I won't try to convince you otherwise but I'm going to agree to disagree here. To me, occupation has all the same effects as how you describe war, and the only difference is that the occupation is a war against the people. Occupation is not mutally exculsive from active conflict either, you could be occupied while there is also a war ongoing.