Horizon and Zelda... a week apart? Will BOTW be overshadowed by the new Sony IP.

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I will be playing...

Both Horizon: ZD and BOTW. 114 10.18%
Just Horizon. 290 25.89%
Just BOTW. 520 46.43%
I'm going to wait to see... 33 2.95%
BOTW first then Horizon. 120 10.71%
Horizon first then BOTW. 43 3.84%
KingofTrolls said:
Cloudman said:

Yeah, I know that it'll be on the Wii U, but I figure the sales on the Switch will be higher than the Wii U verison.

I think otherwise. U guys underestimate all those Nintendo fans with Wii u.

I don't know what to think. I'm a WiiU owner and even after I get a Switch, I'm gonna keep my WiiU connected. Hell, the WiiU version is still tempting if it offers that second screen inventory like Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD.


On a different note: Skyward Sword for the Switch. Bank on it.

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I don't think so.

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The same way it overshadowed Zelda at E3?

Both will do very well!

LOL.... yeah... no.

GG has a long, long way to go in terms of writing and gameplay design before people will ever hold their games in the same light as Zelda. Sure, maybe if Horizon is incredible, and Zelda meh, then maybe the next time they launch close to one another, that might maybe be the time Horizon overshadows it.

Not a chance with this one though. Hell, its launching a new console. If anything, Horizon will be forgotten by many a week after it launches, not the other way around. It's Battleborn vs Overwatch all over again. Horizon is Battleborn.

And that's not a bad thing by default. Hell, BB was my most played game in 2016.

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No. Zelda has significantly more hype behind it than Horizon, and will most likely be the better received game of the two, both critically and commercially.

By this time next year, Horizon will be largely forgotten, while Breath of the Wild will be revered.

Personally I do not think so.

I do believe that Horizon will do well; well enough hopefully to spawn a trilogy out of.

To trade blows against a storied franchise like Zelda is a mighty tall task for a new IP like Horizon. Add the fact that Breath Of The Wild is a launch title and it will be extremely unlikely that Horizon outsells Breath of The Wild.

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So Breath of the Wild on the Switch is #3 on Amazon (first game) and #18 on the Wii U while Horizon is only #25. So much for overshadowing.

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Since the reviews are out. Lets see how it goes after the next few days.

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I will only play Zelda because I hate action games but I want to congratulate Horizon developers for the extremely good reviews which in my opinion will be much better than what Zelda is going to get.

Zelda just will not be able to compete at all, given the fact that it is so many years behind in every aspect, especially graphics, storytelling, quests and gameplay. Skyrim is a very old game and as a Skyrim clone in 2017, Zelda will get some very bad reviews from the same people that praised Horizon so highly.