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10 64 8.60%
9 46 6.18%
8 99 13.31%
7 100 13.44%
6 87 11.69%
5 97 13.04%
4 78 10.48%
3 71 9.54%
2 28 3.76%
1 74 9.95%
Mummelmann said:

Hmm, I'll think about it, but Super Mario Odyssey looks amazing, and I'd want the best version of Zelda BotW as well. I really don't like the Gamepad either, but I suppose one could just play with a Pro controller instead.

Yea pro controller is a pretty solid controller.  Has like 50 or 60 hours of charge time (I think it is 50).  Feels basically like a xbox or ps controller.  Backwards compatibility with Wii is also a pretty damn good plus especially since you missed out.  Most Wii games are still pretty cheap right now with a few exceptions.  Super Mario Odyssesy does look nice though.  I think Wii U would be more bang for buck right now then perhaps get a Switch further down the road.

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I'd give it a 5. Zelda being a launch game saved it from being a 3 but the conference left me with the impression that they won't be able to provide a sustained flow of games for the system and that makes me sad.

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Man, the poll results are pretty divided.

2/10 for Mario and Zelda or it'd would have gotten a 0

There Are Many Paths to Gaming Heaven

- switch large screen
- zelda
- bomberman
- xenoblade

- everything else.

4/10. Now im just gon wait until pokemon saves nintendo again

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I just can't believe how poor this presentation was... It just boggles my mind how they handled all of this. And i'm not even going to mention having to listen to translators taking pretty much every excitement out of the presentation.

I don't even know where to start.
Okay, i'll start with the Koizumi (spelling?) parts.
They were actually pretty cool and kept me interested; the joy cons seem to be really cool. Hope they will use them in a meaningful way, and not just some tech for mini games and that's it.

Now the bad:
Can someone, please, explain me why the guy from Sega and the creator were there? What the heck did they have to show or announce that allowed them to have stage time?
How the heck was the EA guy there to announce FIFA and Ubisoft, who is already showing more support, got no stage time? Skyrim had more of a presence even on vídeo than their games.
How could Nintendo mismanage this.

I finished seeing the press conference not even caring if they showed Zelda - which they did and it was freaking awesome!! - and asking myself what the launch titles will be; what the online features will be.

Now i know why they didn't touch the launch line-up... because there isn't one!
This is probably the WORST launch line-up since the N64. How could this happen again?
And when you look at the rest of the line-up for they year, you see how poor it is - again - for the Summer and Autumn.

I'm not going to question why they started the conference with 1 2 Switch. I'll just tell myself it was because of the Joy Cons "reveal".

I didn't expect much from this conference. I really didn't.
All I expected to see was online features, launch line-up and a couple of surprises, given that E3 is just 6 months away and they needed to save the 2018 titles for that.
What they gave us was a really badly put show that barely answered important questions, no focus on launch line-ups and people on stage that made no sense in being there.

Yes, Mario looked awesome too!
Can't wait to play that game. :)

oniyide said:

B line up? you're being generous

Heh. Yes well, gotta seperate the negative with something positive.

SvennoJ said:
4/10 Zelda looks amazing but it will cost me CAD 542 to play on Switch in March.
I'm thinking the WiiU version can't be that far behind with the rumored specs and Switch can wait.

Wait wha? Why? 



The price is disappointing, but the line-up looks very promising.

7/10 overall. The pricing sucks for both the console and the accessories, and the online service sounds awful, but the game lineup looks great so far.