is $399 a healthy price for Nintendo Switch?

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Yes, make it $399 47 9.48%
No, $299 is enough for a Nintendo console 403 81.25%
I'd pay up to $449 19 3.83%
Take all my coins!!! 27 5.44%

In a market where you can get a PS4 Pro for $400, or a standard PS4 or X1 for $300, paying $300 or more for a device with less power, less third party support, and an inferior online infrastructure is frankly a rip-off.

Nintendo need to play to their strengths here and offer Switch as an affordable and accessible option. 3DS and Wii U both demonstrated that they cannot get away with overcharging. They can't compete head-on with Xbox and Playstation in the same price bracket, they need to undercut to be competitive.

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Can't be more than $300

Imagine a generic 720p tablet, with a 6.2 inch screen. That would retail for $150 max.

Given the switch has a higher end processor, probably the most they could charge for just the tablet is $200.

Add in the cost of the dock, HDMI cable, two Joy-Con controllers, and potentially the grip, you add another $50 -$100 in cost.

Therefore, the most I can see them charging is $300. I would like to see someone rationalize a higher price based on the components.

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