Do you think any NX rumours or predictions hold truth?

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Now that we're actually getting genuine news about the Nintendo NX, which rumours do you believe to be true about the system?

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I believe the NX will use cartridges, use some sort of shared library and will not be as powerful as PS4plus/Scorpio. Other than that, everything is in the air.

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I expect the rumor that Nintendo went with NVidia to be true. I think they got a good deal on the gpu.
amd earnings are in a few hours so maybe we will get some hints

i'm leaning towards the mario game being real.

We have heard everything so something must be real

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Oh! It's time for checking answer soon.
There were tons of NX predictions:)

I believe any rumors that Laura Kate has confirmed.

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Will be a hybrid between handheld/console which will use cartridges.
There will be a detachable controller kind of thing.
Power level is similar to Xbox One.

I don`t think any of them are necessarily true. Some of them may turn out to be right, since there`s just so many of them, but that would just be a lucky guess rather than a genuine leak/rumour.

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There is no any reason that will suspect about Eurogamer/Emily Rogers infos about NX, so thats almost certain.